The retirement hack you could use THIS MONTH

There are plenty of retirement shortcuts and hacks out there.

If you’ve been a Midas Legacy reader for even a couple of months, you’re probably using some of them right now…

But there’s one retirement hack that you can start today and see the results as early as this month!

If you’re interested in retiring comfortable, this is the hack for you…

The reason this retirement hack is so great is because it’s a fairly easy thing to do.

Most people do it without even realizing it, but they don’t take advantage of it when it comes time to retire.

The secret I’m talking about is moving.

Different states have different laws and taxes that help stimulate local economies, and there are 5 retirement havens in America that specialize in people who want to retire comfortably.

The problem is it’s not advertised information because your state representatives don’t want you taking your taxes elsewhere.

Why would they want you to know about this retirement hack if it’s going to affect their budgets and paychecks?

So, where are these secret retirement havens? And how much better are they than your current city?

To start, there’s 4 factors that I would consider when picking out the best retirement cities:

  1. Cost of living
  2. Taxes
  3. Healthcare
  4. Crime.

I would personally consider these items in that order, but you may prefer great healthcare over low cost of living, or low crime over low taxes.

However you prefer it, there’s somewhere for you. So, here are the 5 retirement havens that can hack you into retirement THIS MONTH.

Franklin, Tennessee

Cost of living: low | Taxes: Very low | Healthcare: good | Crime: very low

West Des Moines, Iowa

Cost of living: low | Taxes: low | Healthcare: great | Crime: low

Scottsdale, Arizona

Cost of living: low | Taxes: low | Healthcare: good | Crime: low

Nashville, Tennessee

Cost of living: low | Taxes: very low | Healthcare: good | Crime: high

Sarasota, Florida

Cost of living: low | Taxes: low | Healthcare: average | Crime: high

You’ll notice that all 5 of these havens have a low cost of living. Low-cost living can mean that your retirement fund’s value could double in some cases.

If you saved all your money while living somewhere like New York, $100,000 would take you twice as far in any of these cities.

The taxes in these 5 havens are either very low or low. Taxes should be considered the same way the cost of living is. The less taxes you pay, the more money you have.

Healthcare is obviously an important factor when it comes to retirement, but in my opinion having the extra money from low cost of living and very low taxes means you can afford better coverage anyway.

Crime is obviously a big factor for most people, and no city is immune to crime. The reason Nashville and Sarasota come 4th and 5th is because of their high crime rates, but as long you’re careful and locate the high crime areas within these cities, it shouldn’t be too big of a deterrent.

It’s time to use this simple retirement hack to get you on your way THIS MONTH…

Are you ready?

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