The Rich Retirement Formula…

I’m sick and tired of these “retirement hacks” that promise you the world.

I’ve been in this game a long time, and I’ll let you in on a little secret I’ve learned over the years…

There’s only one formula to retiring rich.

It’s not some patented secret formula either.

Once I reveal it, you’ll see that it’s actually basic math… However, following it is a whole other beast.

But if you master this simple formula, you’ll be retired rich in no time…

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Can’t you just see yourself sitting on the beach, sipping on a cocktail, and enjoying the sun without a care in the world?

Maybe that isn’t your specific retirement dream, but no matter which way you plan on living life after retirement, you probably want to get there as fast as possible.

That’s where the Rich Retirement Formula comes in…

Lower your expense + Increase your income = A Quick & Rich Retirement

It really is that simple, even if the so-called “experts” want to try and make it sound complicated because they either think that it has to be, or because they want to seem smart.

One thing I want to make clear is that increasing your income doesn’t just mean getting promoted and earning a higher salary. That’s the secret that nobody thinks about…

With your salary and expenses staying the same, all you have to do to get to retirement years quicker than you thought is to start receiving a higher annual return.

How can you do that?

Don’t let mutual fund managers throw your money around based on their own agendas while you get miniscule returns like 5-7%.

Instead, why not earn over a 30% return on your money by just investing in a single thing at the right time? Or by outperforming the investment professionals just by using common sense and a simple pattern?

You have options—options that can bring retirement years closer or help you achieve that dream retirement that you thought would never be within your reach.

All you have to do is make that first step.

I want to give you the resources you need, which is why I’ve designed the Code Breaker and Scripture Secrets courses specifically to get you to retirement quicker than you thought possible.

But whether or not you decide to try them out, always remember: Increase income and lower expenses.

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