The secret behind my millions…

Not so long ago, I was chained to a job I hated, suffering a loveless relationship, living month to month, and drowning in debt that was acquired to make myself feel better about a life I despised.

Perhaps you can relate to some of this?

But all that changed for me when I responded to an invitation I received in the mail…

The invitation I received, and more importantly the person who sent the invitation, changed my life forever

It was an invitation to become a student of a monthly course that promised to guide me to wealth, power, and freedom.

Now, I was very suspicious of this, but I wanted to escape wage-slavery so badly that I nervously sent off the application, sweating for days that this was an elaborate scam.

When the first month’s lesson finally showed up at my door, I could hardly believe it… and what I read inside changed my life forever (the courses I write today are an enhanced and improved version of that course).

Anyway, I followed the instructions each month, and it wasn’t very long before I was debt-free and had left my old job behind!

So, I called up the publisher, and I begged if I could thank the author of the course, in person.

I wrote him a letter, complete with my bank statements to show him how he’d changed my life.

This guy was a multi-millionaire, obviously a busy guy who was dealing with many students, so I didn’t hold much hope of seeing him. But even though I only knew his writings, I felt as though he’d been my mentor and friend for months.

I needed to thank him somehow…

Much to my surprise, this great man offered to meet me in private, and when that day finally came, he explained to me exactly WHY he’d agreed to see me…

I’ll never forget that day. He marched into his wood-paneled study with the presence of a battleship, finely dressed, and carrying a large box…

Before I could shake his hand, he gave me the box, and said, “This is for you. This is the first time I know of where one of my students has actually used the secrets I gave them. And as a token of my respect and thanks, I’d like to award you.”

The contents of that box live with me to this day. They are the foundation of all the wealth building secrets I share with my close students.

In later years, when my good friend and mentor had become sick and disabled, he asked me if I’d passed on all those moneymaking secrets to anyone else.

Had I paid forward the helping hand he’d once given me to people who were proven to take action and deserved his help…?

That’s when I decided to take action.

I started putting together a plan to help not just one, but 200 of my closest students—a program for me to officially become their mentor and personally guide them through all the hardships that come with chasing wealth.

If you’re one of the lucky few, you’ll soon receive an invitation to become one of the people I mentor. Those people will be shown everything I used to make my millions. They’ll be able to copy me as I use those secrets live.

But the places are limited, so if you don’t receive an invitation, then I apologize in advance. These limited spaces are extremely special, and I must save them for my most loyal students.

Will you be telling a similar story to mine one day? Are you dedicated to making your wealth and then passing on the secrets to those who are worthy?

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