The secret to a picture-perfect retirement

Did you know there’s a secret to ensuring your retirement?

It doesn’t have to do with saving, but it does involve your income…

Don’t let the unknowns in your future scare you any longer.

There are so many things in your retirement that will be obstacles, so let me eliminate at least one for you.

This well-kept secret is the key to the picture-perfect retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

When you prepare for retirement, you’re probably worrying about tons of things all at once.

How much to save, where to invest, how to make the most of your career before it’s all over.

The list of things to do before you retire is endless, and each item seems more important than the last.

Society advertises retirement as this easy step down into relaxation and contentment, but what the commercials don’t show you is the crunching of the numbers and anxiety that you won’t have enough.

And that’s a completely plausible fear.

The majority of Americans today don’t have enough saved for retirement.

Are you one of them?

Whether you can say for sure or not, chances are you’re concerned that your retirement account balance won’t be enough to sustain your lifestyle after the paychecks stop rolling in.

And that’s just one spoke of the retirement prep wheel.

What most people don’t consider until it’s too late can actually make or break your retirement, no matter how much you’ve saved.

The picture-perfect retirement you’ve always dreamed of probably had a setting behind it.

Perhaps it’s your family home, or a beach condo, or a private villa.

But have you seriously thought about where your retirement is going to take place?

If you plan to stay in your house, will you be able to make the mortgage payments?

If you dream of a beach condo, how will you afford it?

That private villa may be luxurious and relaxing, but can you scrape together the cash to buy it? And then what’s left for you?

The location of your retirement is a problem that’s often overlooked until it’s too late to make any real plans to achieve your dream destination.

But I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

There’s a secret ready to unlock that reality for you.

I’m going to share it with you, but you have to remember this is a unique tip meant to guarantee your retirement. We don’t need everyone to know about it…

That key to your success is (you might’ve guessed it) location, location, location.

That maxim wouldn’t have lasted as long (nor been repeated three times) if it wasn’t so important.

And I’m not just talking about your house, condo, or villa.

I’m talking about specific cities that can make or break your retirement plans.

For example, people often don’t consider the later years of their retirement when planning ahead. Have you thought about how to get around once you’re past driving everywhere?

Some cities necessitate the use of a car for transportation.

Have you thought about how to fill your days once your job isn’t around anymore?

Certain cities don’t offer entertainment options for a retired community.

But the good news is, others do.

A recent study showcased the best and worst U.S. cities to retire in.

The city in 1st place, not really a shocker, is Orlando, FL.

Close to home for me, Orlando offers everything a retired person needs to feel complete.

Not only is it ranked the highest out of 182 for affordability, it also won in categories like quality of life and healthcare.

But now do you see why this should stay between us?

If you decide to relocate to this retirement safe haven, we don’t want to flood the gates.

That’s why it’s so important you keep this retirement secret to yourself.

This hidden gem close to sandy beaches and full of breathtaking sunsets is the key to securing your picture perfect retirement.

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