The secret to burning fat? BREATHE

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of losing weight? It seems as if every week there’s a new 10-mintue secret to a skinnier waist or a more chiseled physique.

I’m not here to add to the list or convince you that there’s one specific exercise that’s better than the rest, but quite the opposite actually.

Did you know that breathing is one of the most effective methods for weight loss? Easy enough, right? It is in fact something that we all do without even thinking about.

So, forget the diet pill and gym membership.

As it turns out, you already possess the key to naturally burning fat and it happens to involve the exercise you love the most!

Here’s how to unlock it…

Exercise doesn’t have to involve doing something that you don’t enjoy… at least to a certain extent.

At the end of the day, losing weight requires some sort of physical activity; however, breathing outweighs the activity itself. This is because your body is naturally designed to burn fat through the simple acts of inhaling and exhaling.

Sounds skeptical, right? I originally thought the same, but research shows that the majority of weight loss is due to breathed out carbon dioxide.

Your lungs are actually the main excretory organ for burning fat!

In other words, it’s more important to breathe rather than focusing on the actual exercise. If swimming a few laps in the pool interests you more than riding a bike or walking on a treadmill then do that instead.

Obviously there are arguments for more efficient ways to burn fat, but for the sake of simplicity, one workout is just as good as the next if you’re pushing your body to breathe heavily.

If you’re not a conditioned athlete and don’t have plans to join the Olympic team for the 2020 games, then this type of workout is ideal. Better yet, it’s PERFECT for someone with the simple goal of shedding a few pounds or maintaining overall health.

Not only does performing an exercise that you like promote physical health, but it does the same for mental health as well.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself dreading logging in 30-mintues or so on the elliptical. The thing is, I have absolutely no issues with pushing myself to exhaustion when it comes to playing volleyball or going on a nature hike with my dog.

Don’t let the negativity of a dreaded workout weigh you down or discourage you from reaching your goals! Instead, trade it out for an exercise that you look forward to.

Like I said, there isn’t one workout to rule them all and the definition of exercise differs for each person; however, there is one specific exercise that a single individual may prefer to do in comparison to another.

It’s your job to discover it, but that’s the easy part. Simply find a hobby that requires you to breathe a little heavier than usual.

The key to weight loss is not only about performing the workout itself, but more so the realistic commitment to an exercise that you honestly like to do.

The next time you’re out for a run, ask yourself: do I really enjoy this? If the answer is no then it may be time to find a new way to drop those extra pounds.

After all, it’s more about breathing than the actual physical activity.

Managing to find what works for you personally is half the battle, but if you truly enjoy the exercise, then you’ll soon forget you’re actively losing weight in the process.

Naturally achieve your weight loss goals through the simple act of breathing.

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