The Single Bad Habit Standing in Your Way

We often talk and think about the habits that lead us to success, which are HUGE when it comes to making progress.

…BUT we should also make time to analyze the things that are standing in our way.

More specifically: BAD habits.

Everyone has bad habits to some degree, but there’s one single habit that’s standing between you and success… Can you guess what it is?

This single bad habit revolves around technology—or at least it’s magnified with technology.

I’m talking about multitasking.

When we have the Internet at our fingertips, I suppose it isn’t too hard to see why most of us struggle with it.

Whether you’re replying to emails while organizing your day, watching TV while paying your bills, or trying to accomplish two work-related tasks at once, multitasking is stopping you from achieving peak productivity.

It can quickly lead to a few things:

  • Cognitive Overload
  • Prevention of Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • Mistakes and lack of Time

Cognitive Overload:

Constantly working on more than one thing at a time greatly causes stress. You’re trying to get something done, but then there’s this other item that’s constantly distracting you, so neither gets done efficiently—or sometimes at all.

Your mind is being constantly worked, and the next step is for it to become overwhelmed.

Prevention of Creativity and Critical Thinking:

A byproduct of trying to multitask is that your mind is continuously preoccupied. It has to focus on the task at hand AND constantly remember what else is being worked on at the same time.

This takes away the time the brain normally uses to be creative and think critically. So, you’re not only causing yourself stress. You’re also losing the ability to do whatever you’re doing better.

Mistakes and Lack of Time:

Even the best multi-tasker will make more errors when juggling tasks than when he or she is focusing on one at a time. Plus, it takes MORE time when multitasking.

So, while the entire idea of multitasking is to get more things done quicker, the critical time lost by switching back and forth between tasks slows down the entire process!


The alternative to multitasking will make a huge difference in your life. First, make sure you have a checklist of all the things you need to accomplish. Then decide what order they need to be completed in. Then focus on one at a time, only moving on when the previous one is done.

This will keep your mind stress-free, give your brain the freedom it needs to be creative and focused, and it will cut out the single habit that’s standing in your way!

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