The Trojan horse making you age faster…

MarkedwardsDid you know that your choice of foods may be aging you faster than normal? That’s right – you’re likely wheeling a Trojan horse into your body every day by eating something that speeds up some aspect of the aging process.

To the surprise of many, nutrition, not genes, is the primary cause of premature aging in most people.

It’s time to find out which parts of your diet are causing you to age faster, and how to replace those foods with ones that will benefit your healthy every single day…

Trans Fat-This is marketed to us constantly in the form of fast food. Affordable and efficient fast food may be, it is a deadly choice for our cells, the very cells we rely upon to keep every area of our body functioning properly. Trans fat molecules are man-made, meaning they do not blend and work well with our body’s own natural, healthy cells.  Trans fat causes inflammation within the body, actually blocking the growth of these healthy cells. This differs greatly from what is called “good fat” (such as olive oil) which work side by side with our healthy cells, instead of blocking and obstructing.  When your body cannot rejuvenate healthy cells at a normal level, premature aging is the result!

Sucrose/Sugar- Your body is only built to process a certain amount of sugar, which isn’t even close to what most people consume on a daily basis. Too much sugar in the bloodstream slows down the body’s natural repair mechanisms, causing your skin to lose its elasticity and so it creates wrinkles faster. I bet no one ever told you that sugar creates wrinkles! This is also the same for any refined carbohydrates. They are processed in your body the same as sugar, creating wrinkles at an alarming rate.

Want to suffocate your liver? Eat a lot of foods with chemical additives and preservatives. Your liver has to work overtime in order to detoxify your body and your liver can only do so much!

Caffeine. People love their caffeine. How many cups of coffee do you drink in the morning, and possibly even the rest of the day? Gotta have your Java? Downing a lotta latte? You are adding once again to premature aging in your body.  Sure, the caffeine will help you get through the workday, but at what expense? So your body can look like 55 at 35?  Caffeine creates a stress hormone in the body known as cortisol. High levels of cortisol wear down muscle tone, leading to saggy skin and is also very dehydrating!  Getting your caffeine from sugary drinks like sodas? Go ahead and combine this with the sugar category. That’s double trouble!

Here’s one that may surprise you…Wheat. Wheat has been touted as healthy, but it is not. In fact, it may be even worse than some of the more obvious foods I have already mentioned.  Wheat contains a carbohydrate called Amylopectin-A, which has been tested and found to spike your blood sugar even higher than pure table sugar! As if that isn’t enough- it even raises it higher than almost any other carbohydrate source based on blood sugar response testing! How’s that for unhealthy!

Corn based foods. These have been found to contribute to excessive amounts of omega-6 fatty acids in your diet, and ultimately leads to inflammation and oxidation in the body, which in turn creates premature aging.

Here’s another so-called healthy food staple. Vegetable oils. Especially those such as soybean and canola oil. These oils are heated so intensely during processing that they have actually gone through a lot of oxidation which again, as in corn based foods is coupled with inflammation and aging of the cells. All this inflammation in your body damages cell membranes and that damage ages them faster, as they are not able to rejuvenate.

What can you do to remedy this? Cutting anything completely out of your diet is nearly impossible, and really not necessary. Simple moderation is key to a healthy diet and a healthy, normal aging process.

Here are some other healthy and simple suggestions to help you cut back and counteract some of those bad food choices:

Did you know that an apple wakes you up in the morning just as well as, and sometimes even better than coffee? Substitute your morning coffee a couple of times a week with an apple. Caffeine causes withdrawals such as headaches so do this one slowly. If you can make the switch in a healthy, gradual way, you will wean yourself off caffeine, and start to feel better.

Caffeine is addictive and it gives your body huge swings of high and low energy. Allow your body to balance itself naturally and you eventually get rid of those energy swings and lose the need for constant caffeine. Not only that, just think of the money you can save every week. Maybe you can put your daily coffee money into a jar and save up for a special vacation!

Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Dehydration is one of the leading causes of most ailments (read our archives for more). Drinking plenty of water helps your cells rejuvenate, it lubricates every part of your body and helps the oxygen flow. Staying properly hydrated can positively affect your entire body, skin, hair, organs, even your energy level!  Drinking water also helps cleanse and detoxify your digestive system. Which brings me to…Green tea!

Green tea is an antioxidant powerhouse as are olive oil, nuts and berries such as blueberry and acai berry. Summer is coming and that’s a wonderful time to make a fresh blend of green tea flavored with blueberry and or acai! By doing that you are both hydrating and building antioxidants in your body (not to mention a yummy, natural, refreshing summer drink!).

The bottom line is, the more natural the foods and drinks you put into your body are, the better they are for you. You can avoid not only premature aging, but also things such as cancer and diabetes by adding more natural foods into your diet. Our bodies are created by nature, so staying natural makes sense, doesn’t it? Add natural, healthy foods gradually to your diet and you will find yourself enjoying them and sticking with them much easier than if you tried to let go of all your old staples at once. Premature aging can be brought to a screeching halt!  You deserve to feel and look great!

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