The well-hidden success secret

When you look back on your life, do you regret most the things you did or the things you didn’t do?

Take a second to really reflect and think…

How you answer this question could tell you something about where you’re at in life and, most importantly, where your life could be going next.

This secret to wealth is one of the most powerful and one of the most hidden…

Most people say they regret the things they didn’t do a lot more than the things they did do.

Every time you don’t do something, you’ve closed the door on what could’ve been an amazing chapter in your life. Every time you say “I can’t” for whatever reason, valid or not, your spirit retreats. It’s all to do with the kind of conversations you ALLOW to take place in your head.

Successful people have acquired the habit of seeing things differently. For example, let’s say a successful person wants the latest BMW. Instead of saying to himself, “I can’t afford that,” they instead say, “HOW can I afford that?” Then the targeting computer known as the human brain will get to work on instructions for this person to be ABLE to buy that shiny new BMW. If they see the purchase as something that will actually MAKE them more money (as opposed to that new BMW!), they will take their thoughts to a whole new level and say:

“How can I NOT afford that?!”

Can you see the difference this mentality will have on your life?

The successful person doesn’t want to get left behind, especially in these game-changing times where if you’re not on board the train you won’t just miss out, you will actually be destroyed, even when what you thought was security no longer is.

In short, the successful person understands that uncertainty is where the fun happens; they understand that there can be no improvement unless one grows, and that means taking action, sooner rather than later, and setting sail into uncharted waters. They resist the naturally occurring human conditions behind the dream stealer of procrastination.

What’s behind your inclination to procrastination?

Your inner voices of doubt? A pathological (but unrealistic) need to have total certainty in a world where control is an illusion?

Very often, the thing we are resisting the most is the thing we need to do. As one of my personal heroes, the late Carl Jung said, “What we resist, persists.” This is your gut nudging you to grow, to venture out. For 99% of the 2.5 million years of human existence we were explorers, and deep down we still are. We aren’t built to shiver in the shadows, we are built for adventure. This is why we regret most of the things we did NOT do, not the things we did do.

Sure, the best time to have done something was ten years ago. The second best time is NOW.

Successful people don’t procrastinate. They weigh everything up NOW. And then they ACT.

Now, stop looking back at those regrets of what you did or didn’t do, and understand that what you do NOW, in this very moment, today, this week, is all that matters. In ten years time, will you look back on this time and regret the things you did NOT do?

Or will you rejoice from the things you DID do?


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