The Windfall Wealth Formula

Do you know the Windfall Wealth Formula?

It’s something I’ve been using for quite some time now and it does NOT fail.

It’s as simple as if 1 + 1 = 2

With the only difference being a LOT of zeros added to the 2 after that equal sign.

What I’m talking about here is something simple and effective. In fact, it’s so effective, it’s one of the only things I’ve heard called a sure thing.

Are you ready to be amazed?

Before getting to the formula, I want to cover a couple of things… As an entrepreneur yourself, chances are you’ve at least dabbled in the stock market before.

While stocks can be a great avenue to make money quickly, going it alone can be very risky. You need a guide, otherwise as much money as you might stand a chance of making, you could also lose.

Investing in property is an excellent option for those who can afford it, and it allows you to spread your investments over a range of assets. And that’s what the Windfall Wealth Formula is all about.

By all means, keep investing in stocks (with our guidance)!

But delving into real estate can seriously strengthen your portfolio.

If you’re on the fence about investing in the real estate market, here are some reasons that might sway you:

  • Real estate is a must in any portfolio.
  • It’s one of the only investments that’s nearly always an appreciating asset.
  • Real estate also hands you streamlined access to a growing market, since the number of renters continues to increase rapidly.
  • Diversification is integral to a strong portfolio.
  • Real estate offers a predictable rate of return over the long run, making it a great way to build long-term wealth.

Are you convinced, yet?

Before I unveil the Windfall Wealth Formula, I’ll make it even easier and give you some starter tips…

The first thing you need to do is find a property you want to invest in.

Now that’s no easy feat, especially if it’s your first time and you have no idea what to look for.

In order to make this process easier, you’ll need a good real estate agent who can help guide you.

You want an agent who has knowledge of the location, value, and return on investment of the properties you’re looking at.

On top of that, knowing how many rentals and resells commonly occur in the area is crucial, as it can help you predict how well your investment will do.

Although this search can be very taxing, the Windfall Wealth Formula is here to help.

It’s also known as the 100-10-3-1 rule.

Start off by looking at 100 total properties.

Of those 100, filter down to 10 you like and make offers on them. Of those 10, your offer might be accepted on 3 of those, then out of those 3 you choose the best 1.

It may seem daunting, but once you’ve finally made the jump and are raking in the money, you’ll thank the Windfall Wealth Formula.

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