There’s thousands of dollars hidden in your city…

I can’t believe the amount of money people pass up each day…

There’s thousands of dollars to be picked up around your city, and only a select few people know how to access it.

You have access to all this money that everybody else is overlooking, and I’m going to show you exactly how to get it.

Your first question to me is probably something along the lines of: “How does this money get there?”

It’s simple, the people who visit your city leave it behind.

I’m not saying to run around and pick up loose change dropped by tourists—these thousands of dollars can be picked up much easier than that.

The only requirement you need… figure out where all the most popular tourist destinations in your city are. That should be easy enough.

The rest is simple.

You’re going to gain access to all this money by starting a simple, no-money down business.

Your new title? CEO of [insert your city here]’s new premium tour guide service.

That’s right. You’re going to be picking up all this cash by showing tourists all the best spots in your town.

Now, before you write this off and tell me you’re not going to be a tour guide and drive every inch of your city, just hear me out.

You’re not just a tour guide. You’re the CEO of a company that could blossom into a multi-million-dollar company that covers every city in the U.S.

You could charge upwards of $100 an hour for this premium service, which could see you taking in $4,000 a week.

That’s over $200,000 a year!

Now, imagine what would happen if you started to recruit other drivers.

Let’s say you build up to a team of 5 people, including yourself.

If each team member worked 40 hours a week, your business would be taking in $1 million a year…

Your salary alone would be at least $300,000, and that’s with only 5 people…

My point is, tourists will pay to see all the best landmarks around your city, and word will spread fast if you treat them well.

There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made in this untapped market, and you could be the one to take in all that cash…

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