These 3 Simple Secrets Attract Wealth

Financial literacy is a BIG problem, and chances are you never got your fair share of it

But there are 3 simple secrets that unlock a shortcut to financial literacy, and more importantly, make you attract wealth.

Usually in life, there are no shortcuts…

This time it’s different.

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1. Take a trip to the bookstore

Every library has a section dedicated to finances, and you’d be surprised how many books on the topic are tailored to your needs.

There are dozens of best-sellers on the topic of money (stock market picks, real estate, building a business, the mindset to become rich etc.) that are made to be entertaining and informative!

If you are overwhelmed by the choices, just ask a seller at the bookstore, and they’ll be able to recommend some great options.

2. Keep an eye on the stock market

With some knowledge under your belt from the new financial section of your personal library, you’ll have enough knowledge to begin to understand the stock market!

There are several websites that provide updates on the movement of the market as a whole and individual stocks that are just a google search away.

If the options are overwhelming, you can always narrow down what you are looking at.

Start with watching the news, reading the financial section of the newspaper, and signing up for one of our services for updates on market movements.

By using these sources, you’ll be able to home in on stocks that can make you huge profits.

It will also allow you to understand the way the market works, so that YOU can start making money off of it.

3. Keep detailed records

This is the big one. Hopefully you have some sort of record keeping system in place already, but if not, now is the time to start.

If you already have one, how specific is it?

You should know your budget and your spending, broken down to all your individual transactions.

Not only does this ensure that you catch any signs of extraneous charges, but it also helps you to see where you are spending your money, so that you can cut back on unnecessary expenditures.

You should also keep records of all your investments, including when you start trading like a pro in the stock market.

If you follow these 3 simple secrets, you’ll start attracting wealth in no time!

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