These new trends jumpstart your real-estate career

Need to make a change in your life?

Well, there’s no time like the present!

Perhaps you’ve been thinking of getting into real estate for a long time, or perhaps this is the first time you’ve considered it.

But the proceeds you can make by branching out are worth the risk, 10 times over.

And, now, generating revenue for yourself through property just got easier.

Let me tell you about the 2020 real-estate trends that will set you apart from every other aspiring tycoon.

They could be the deciding factor in your rags to riches story.

As times change, any business needs to change with them if they want to stay relevant in the future.

Whether it’s retail, manufacturing, or even real estate, when you’re trying to make money, you need to appeal to the people holding the cash.

That’s why you see the evolving brands and changing status quos every so often.

Companies like Microsoft and Apple didn’t gain trillion-dollar valuations by staying stuck in their ways since inception.

The reason industry giants are so successful is because they have one eye on the road, and one eye on the thermometer of the times: public opinion.

Big Tech companies are the best at this for one reason specifically. They have access to data that tells them what people are thinking, buying, and championing.

Take the Facebook Pay for example.

Regardless of your feelings about Facebook and their policies, they noticed their users attempting to send money over unsecure platforms on their app.

So, they created a secure platform on which users can complete their transactions.

Not only are their funds protected, but they’re now more satisfied with their experience on Facebook and more likely to contribute to Facebook’s revenue-generating features.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many companies see the times are changing and do nothing to get on board.

That’s how they phase out, and consequently lose money, and the same happens in real estate.

While there will always be a buyer with eclectic tastes, a dedicated real-estate investor needs to be servicing the greater population of paying customers to ensure they stay in the green.

That’s why I’m going to tell you the sign of the times for real estate in 2020.

If you’ve just gotten started with properties, or you want to, these budding trends could make or break your returns once you get into it.

The most important thing to remember here is you’re not making these changes for yourself.

The trends you adopt on your rental or for sale properties are for the paying buyers. They’re the ones who have to enjoy them.

You’re just the crowd-pleaser who gives them what you want (for your own benefit as well).

The most important budding real-estate trend for 2020 is going green.

And I’m not talking about painting the walls shamrock seafoam.

I’m talking about environmentally-friendly and appealing additions to properties to attract the younger generation just reaching the point where they’re buying homes.

Those are the buyers you need to ensnare as we head into the new year.

The first green trend to get on board with is something called “living roofs.”

Seasonally-adaptable plants are grown on the roof of a building, and it surprisingly has a high return of investment.

They help regulate temperatures inside the building by insulating the roof, and provide a pleasant view or vegetable garden for those tenants with green thumbs.

Not only are living roofs an energy-saver you will be thankful for, but they’re a beautiful addition to a property for anyone looking to get back to nature.

Another trend to hop on as a budding real estate investor is a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification.

This accolade shows that your property passed a rigorous inspection in terms of environmentally-friendly metrics.

That appeals to younger buyers looking to make less of a carbon footprint, and to potential tenants hoping to partake in green practices.

It also gives you a boost of credibility in an ever-changing market.

The last green trend you should consider taking part in is purchasing IAQ devices.

IAQ, or bipolar indoor air quality, devices promote a healthier indoor environment by eliminating germs, dust, and other particles in the air that can cause illness or respiratory irritation.

Not only will the inhabitants of your property thank you, but so will the planet, because IAQ devices reduce home emissions.

In case I forgot to mention, installing them in your property also improves the value of the home because energy costs and electric costs are vastly reduced, as much as 25%.

So these kinds of changes can make a world of difference to the planet, your buyers, and you when they’re implemented in your next real estate venture.

And who knows where the tides of public wants will go next, but rest assured that for 2020, you can expect to go green while being in the green for quite some time.

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