This business turns your $100 into $102k

Jim_SamsonThere’s a lot of home business ideas out there that could make you some nice pocket change, but what you’re really looking for is that home business that’ll allow you to quit your job…

This home business can turn your $100 into $102,400, and you can milk it as many times as you like, for as long as you like.

It’s time for you to quit slaving away for an under-par paycheck and start raking in some serious cash from this home business…

At some point in your life, you’ve probably bought or sold something through eBay.

But you’re probably unaware of the goldmine that eBay can become if you use it correctly.

Turning $100 into $102,400 becomes so simple when you combine eBay with another simple tool:

Buying in bulk.

This might sound like an obvious idea to you, but if that’s the case, why are you still at your mundane 9-5?

It’s because buying in bulk and selling through eBay has never seemed efficient or profitable enough.

That’s what hinders most people from turning their $100 into $102,400.

You see, most people think it’s expensive to jump into selling items through eBay, but you can do it with as little as $100—and you don’t even need that much to start.

To begin your journey to that $102,400, you can raise the initial $100 by selling unused items around your house.

Once you’ve raised that $100, and picked up some first-hand experience from these sales, it’s all smooth sailing.

At this point, you’d use a website like to buy items in bulk at extremely low prices.

Using this technique correctly, you can successfully sell the items for double the price you bought them for.

And that’s exactly how you’re going to reach your $102,400.

Let’s say you buy 5 iPads for $100 (as I write, this is an actual highest bid from and sell them separately for $40 each on eBay, you’ll turn that $100 into $200.

At that point, you go back to and find another great deal. This time you’d turn your $200 capital into $400.

At this rate, it’d only take you 10 sales to turn $100 into $102,400. Take a look:

1st sale: $100 becomes $200
2nd sale: $200 becomes $400
3rd sale: $400 becomes $800
4th sale: $800 becomes $1,600
5th sale: $1,600 becomes $3,200
6th sale: $3,200 becomes $6,400
7th sale: $6,400 becomes $12,800
8th sale: $12,800 becomes $25,600
9th sale: $25,600 becomes $51,200
10th sale: $51,200 becomes $102,400

And there’s nothing stopping you from taking that further and turning your $100 into $102,400 as many times as you like.

Making 10 successful sales can easily be done in a month, meaning that you have the potential to be making over a million dollars a year with this home business.

Most people turn a blind eye to opening their own eBay store, but those who do are missing out on a massive fortune.

Before I send you off into your new wealthy life, I want to divulge one secret that’ll get your products sold within the blink of an eye:

The description of your item is the most important part of your eBay post. I see too many people overlooking this vital feature of their sales page.

When writing the description, always keep in mind: don’t advertise the features, advertise the benefits.

In order to reach this conclusion, you have to ask questions like: How will this product benefit the buyers life? How would they use this product to make their day more efficient? What would YOU use this product for if you were buying it for yourself?

The dimensions, color, and other features should all be listed last. You have to sell them the idea of the product, not the specs…

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