This cheap upgrade adds thousands

It amazes me how the smallest upgrade to your house can add thousands and thousands to your property value.

Like turning a garage into a livable space or updating your kitchen.

This cheap upgrade isn’t as obvious as the standard ones, but it can line your pockets for next to nothing.

So, whether you’re flipping, investing, or renting, this cheap upgrade can add thousands to your property value.

Think about it…

When you’ve dipped into the market to buy or rent somewhere for yourself, did you have a set of preferences?

Were you looking for a home office? Is it a deal-breaker if the kitchen isn’t up to date? Is it a necessity for your home to have a 2-car garage?

No matter what your preferences are, there’s a big chance that you’re not alone in that sentiment. And when enough people start jumping onto one thing, it can quickly become a new and valuable trend in real estate.

I’ve recently discussed a few major trends that have already caught on – energy efficiency homes, smart homes, tiny homes, etc.

Those are all larger ideas that require a lot of work on the part of a homeowner to accommodate depending on the age of the home.

But there’s an even newer trend that YOU could add to your home right now to add thousands of dollars in value…

A playroom.

More and more families in the process of purchasing a home are looking for a space dedicated to allowing the children in the family to let loose and play.

Many new buyers coming into the market see it as a must-have and are willing to sacrifice things like large yards to get them. And this looks like a trend that is only going to become more important.

But the good news is that this doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars to install in your home like updating the kitchen or transforming your home into a smart home would.

Instead, why not convert the traditional dining room into a space for a kids’ playroom? Do you have an office space that you could easily convert before getting your house on the market?

The important thing is showing interested buyers or renters that this is a possibility for them, and doing so could mean more cash in your pocket.

And as a buyer looking for a playroom, don’t necessarily count out the home you otherwise love just because it doesn’t have one. Think outside the box and figure out how to convert an existing room into the kids’ playroom you want.

This cheap upgrade could add thousands and thousands to your property or rental value.

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