This income keeps your accountant busy

Jim_SamsonDon’t worry if you haven’t got an accountant, because this retirement payout will pay for one while you lavishly spend all the rest of your effortless income as you please.

If you’re reaching that nail-biting time of retirement decisions, I want you to listen closely…

Because the only retirement move you’ll ever need to make is so simple and it’s laid out for you right here.

What type of fear tactics is your retirement account manager using on you at the moment?

You need to keep feeding money into your 401(k) or you’ll never retire.

I don’t care if the stock’s going down; if you pull out now you’ll regret it.

You need to open an IRA with me because other fund managers will lose all your money.

If any of these sound familiar, FIRE YOUR FUND MANAGER!

I’m telling you right now that the only fund manager you’ll ever need is yourself—and I use the term manager lightly, because this retirement play consists of a single, hands-free move and the payout is massive.

It all comes from gold.

I’m not talking about purchasing physical gold, though. I’m going to show you how to buy gold without ever touching the physical metal.

This makes your life much easier when you decide to sell it and take that big profit.

Like I said before, your accountant is going to be busy with this massive income, but that’s his job. Your job is to sit back and enjoy retirement.

To buy gold in the way that I’m talking about, we’re going to be looking at an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)—more specifically, we’re looking at SPDR Gold Shares (GLD).

The only move you have to make is to tell your broker that you’d like to buy x amount of GLD shares.

Between 2005 and 2011, GLD advanced from $41.02 per share to $185.85 per share.

That’s a gain of 353%!

That’s an annual return of 59%.

Much bigger than your fund manager’s 4-5% return, right?

I also want to note that something very significant happened between those years that I mentioned…

The 2009 financial crisis which wrecked the financial stability of hundreds of thousands of people for good.

GLD took a minor bump, but clearly that 353% return proves that it turned out alright.

And the best part of it all?

You don’t have to pay a nonsensical fine if you decide to take your payout before the age of 65.

These gains will keep your accountant busy, while you sit back and enjoy all that a life of wealth and freedom has to offer.

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