This ingredient keeps YOU healthy year round

Between work, family, and down time, the average American doesn’t have time to be sick.

A cold or the flu can leave even the most immune-conscious people bedridden.

Are you tired of using up your sick days when a fever or sore throat hits?

Wouldn’t you rather a quick solution to keeping yourself healthy, and making yourself feel better?

I’m here to share with you a key ingredient that can be found in your kitchen that will keep you healthy no matter your symptoms.

I bet that this all-natural immunity powerhouse is in your cupboard at home right now.

There’s nothing I dread more than going to the doctor.

You have to wait in lines, pay a copay, and run to the nearest pharmacy before they close to get an antibiotic and hope it makes you feel better in time for work tomorrow.

I always wished for an easier way to prevent myself from getting sick, besides chugging orange juice and carrying half a gallon of hand sanitizer everywhere I went.

That’s when I stumbled on a natural remedy for common maladies.

It’s so common and inexpensive, I can almost guarantee you used it to make dinner last night.Can you guess what it is? GARLIC.

Natural cures expert Shane Ellison swears by adding garlic to your daily nutrient supplements to stay on your feet.

He actually offers six easy steps to reduce the amount of time you spend sick. He also recommends how to implement garlic and, believe it or not, red wine into your diet to stay illness-free.

If you’re ready to cash in on your sick days and stop watching daytime soaps feeling miserable, listen up. These steps will make a world of difference.

1. Take garlic supplements.

2. Sleep as much as possible.

3. Drink tea to ease the pain of a sore throat.

4. Eliminate things from your diet that weaken immunity (like sugar and salt).

5. One meal per day of soup or chicken broth.

6. Go outside for some sunshine!

With these easy steps, you can be up and back to your life faster than ever, and without a handful of pills each morning.

But how on earth does garlic help your immune system?

Basically, when you get sick, it means the first two lines of defense in your immune system have failed.

First, your skin and stomach have failed to keep out harmful bacteria or viruses.

Second, your immune system’s antibody defense didn’t eliminate all of the infecting intruders.

Garlic works alongside your natural immune response to eradicate those bacterial and viral agents making you sick, once and for all.

Experts also suggest pairing your garlic supplement with red wine, not only to improve the experience of eating raw garlic, but because it extracts the active ingredients more effectively.

So, if you’re beginning to feel sniffly, run to your nearest grocery store for powdered garlic supplements, or go home to some crushed cloves and a glass of wine.

You’ll be feeling healthier and ready to take on life with this simple, but powerful, immune booster.

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