This journal will help you accomplish all your goals

There is a journal that holds the key to fulfilling every last one of your life goals.

It can lead you to a better job. It can show you the path to a better retirement. It can teach you self-confidence and dedication. It can even help you grow into the person you have always wanted to be.

The best part? This journal costs as little as $5. It could already be in your house, without you even knowing it.

It’s no trick or magical fix—this is a tried and true way to real self-fulfillment.

Want to learn the secret to the journal that will change your life?

The secret is this: the journal is yours.

Now, before you stop reading for fear of having to write, hear me out.

This journal, your journal, truly does hold all the keys to personal success. It’s better than any service or self-help book you can buy, because this is the only book in the world that is tailored to you, for you, by you.

And it doesn’t require any specific methods or word counts, so don’t worry about neatness or thoroughness.

This isn’t an assignment or a task. It’s a door to a better life, just waiting for you to open it.



Keeping a journal allows you to record and quantify YOU. It gives you the chance to write down what you want out of your day when you get up in the morning, and then compare your daily goals to what you actually accomplished.

If you notice that there is a discrepancy between the two, it automatically shows you that you currently have an imbalance in your life and gives you a way to correct it.

By recording it, you have the ability to look between what you want to do and what you actually do, either from day to day or in the grand scheme of your life.

Being able to compare the two shows you how you can either change your behavior or change your expectations, so you feel fulfilled each and every day.

Another way that keeping a journal helps you lead a better, fuller life is by giving you a platform to record your mood, thoughts, and feelings each day.

You may have seen photos of mood charts recording how you feel each day. This has become a common practice for people to check their emotional health.

As we learn more about mental health, it has become clear that one of the biggest dangers of depression and anxiety is not noticing that you are contracting them until you are already depressed or suffering from an anxiety disorder.

However, if you have a simple system to track how you feel, how you eat, how you sleep, or even just how you spend your time daily, you are able to look at the data over a longer period of time and better understand your overall emotional climate.

This can also help you notice early warning signs that you aren’t happy or healthy and will give you the chance to make a change in your schedule or lifestyle before the problem grows.

Keeping tallies of these things is easy. It doesn’t require any writing or explanations.

Most people simply dedicate a few pages to a quick hand-drawn chart that has the days of the week labeling each column. Then you can dedicate a color, number, or letter to each mood and just fill in the box for each day.

The way you rate your days is completely up to you. It’s your journal, so it’s your system.

When I do this in my own journal, I score myself on a number system from 1 to 10.

1 is unproductive, unsatisfied, and unhealthy, and 10 is happy, healthy, productive, and fulfilled. I choose a number each day based on the number of tasks I complete, how well I complete them, my emotional climate, my physical activity, and my diet.

Another way that your journal can help you to reach your goals and feel fulfilled is simply by writing in it. You can use bullets, scribble, full sentences—whatever works for you.

However you best express yourself, use that method to write down your goals. This allows you to quantify them and start turning them into plans instead of just abstract thoughts.

Along the same line as this, writing in a journal allows you to interact with your own thoughts and feelings on a more conscious and deep level. It can show you your strengths and weaknesses in a way you haven’t considered, and from this you are able to grow.

It has been proven that articulating thoughts and feelings increases a person’s self-awareness, which then leads to personal growth and an increase in self-confidence.

In other words, all that’s standing between you and fulfillment is a blank page waiting to be filled.

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