This multiplies your savings by 5

You want to retire, but do you have enough money?

It’s a scary question.

You’d probably say no if you took a quick look at your savings account… but what I’m going to do now is ask you to take another look and times that number by 5!

Would that be enough to retire on?

Maybe. Maybe not. But it’d sure get you a lot closer.

Here’s how to do it…

You may or may not be familiar with currency exchange rates…

When going abroad, let’s say to Mexico for example, you get x pesos for y dollars.

That international exchange rate is constantly changing, but did you know there’s a sort of exchange rate within the US that makes your money worth up to 5 times more? Thus, effectively making your savings worth 5 times more…

I’m talking about retirement friendly cities…

That is, cities that are cheap to retire in!

In some cases, you can find places that are 5 times cheaper than where you currently live.

You may have ties to the town/city you currently live in, but we’re talking about upping the quality of your life here.

After all, the goal is to have the best retirement possible, right?

Here are some of the cities and average spend you should consider:


Bakersfield, California 

Avg. Rent/yr.: $7,041

Avg. Grocery spend/yr.: $3,224

This is one of the more popular retirement destinations, as on average it sees 272 days of sun per year.

Bakersfield is just north of Los Angeles, so you get all the benefits of LA weather but none of the traffic!


Phoenix, Arizona 

Avg. Rent/yr.: $7,523

Avg. Grocery spend/yr.: $3,058

This option offers a big city at a cheap price.

You can retire comfortably in Arizona, while you bask in the sun. It’s also considered one of the cleaner cities, so you can wander around town and soak in those retirement years.


Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Avg. Rent/yr.: $7,392

Avg. Grocery spend/yr.: $3,260

Golfing, boating, fishing… Tulsa is a retirees dream!

It has 16 public golf courses and more man-made lakes than any other city in America.

If you want to spend your retirement doing outdoor activities, Tulsa is the place for you!


San Antonio, Texas 

Avg. Rent/yr.: $7,700

Avg. Grocery spend/yr.: $2,890

You may be surprised to hear this, but San Antonio is somewhat of a tax haven for retirees.

You pay no state tax on social security income or retirement account withdrawals.

These are just a few of the options for you to consider as the home your retirement.

Remember, you don’t need more money to live a luxurious lifestyle, you just need to find out how to spend less and get more bang for your buck!

…in some cases, 5 times more!

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