This powerful AM fix can replace your coffee

The irony about showering in the morning is that the water dropping onto your head actually better serves in your body.

Sleep is one of the worst culprits when it comes to dehydration, and it’s no secret that a lack of water equals a lack of energy.

If you’re tired of nodding off under your shower head and pouring a cup of coffee with bleary eyes, listen up.

I’m about to give you a quick and easy natural fix to jumpstart your day.

Whether you sleep with a million blankets or with the fan on high, your body is going to naturally dehydrate overnight.

While that may not seem like a big deal, it actually is the key to why you wake up still feeling tired.

Human optimization expert Aubrey Marcus says that starting your day on empty is the worst thing you can do for both your body and your mind.

Think of your body as a rusty wheel. Overnight, the dew adds to the rust and makes the wheel impossible to turn by morning. With a drop of oil, you may see a little movement, but what it really needs is to be drenched in it. Then that wheel will begin to do what it’s supposed to.

The same goes for you. Your organs need water to be replenished in order to get you ready and moving for the day.

Experts recommend holding off on your cup of coffee (you don’t have to give it up, promise!) just long enough for a morning mineral cocktail.

It sounds fancy, and while you’re more than welcome to put a little umbrella in the glass, this beverage is simple to make.

Combining filtered water with lemon juice and sea salt is all you need to rejuvenate your parched organs and kickstart your morning.

Although coffee is obviously a fluid, caffeine has that nasty side effect of dehydrating you even more.

In the morning, your body is deprived of not only water, but also essential minerals that contribute to important bodily functions like energy, wakefulness, and motivation.

Sea salt is a great source of minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, and many others. Stir around your brew for the perfect combination, and drink at your own pace.

By the time you finish the glass, you’ll be feeling energized, hydrated, and excited to start your day.

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