This quick and easy business works without you

Ask most business owners and they’ll grimace when they tell you how many hours they put into their business each week.

60… 70… sometimes 80+ hours a week!

Sure, the pay must be good, but who has time for that?

Especially when there are quick and easy businesses that are being set up every day that require little-to-no upkeep.

Is that the kind of business you’d like? Well, look no further…

I’m talking about a business that…

  • Doesn’t require any special skill or talent.
  • Is something people will always need.
  • Doesn’t require big startup costs, an office space, or employees.
  • You can start small, so you don’t have to quit your regular job at first if you don’t want to.

I’m talking about starting a cleaning business… with a twist.

But it’s better than just becoming your own boss – I’m going to walk you through the steps to turn this into an autonomous business that doesn’t require you to do any work after a quick and easy setup!

Here’s what you do:

Step 1. Find a twist for your cleaning business

Do you want a “green” cleaning business that only uses environmentally friendly cleaning products? I know of a local service that does just that, and they have more clients than they can handle because of their popular initiative!

Or maybe the twist is that you promise to always be in and out in 30 minutes (the Domino effect). Any sort of twist that will set you apart from traditional cleaning businesses will increase your demand.

Step 2. Find your niche

Do you want to clean office homes? Office space? Restaurants? Retail stores?

Think about where the opportunity is in your area. The more opportunity there is, the easier it will be to get that first client.

Step 3. Acquire your first client (of many)

The most difficult part of this whole process will be getting your first customer, and even then it won’t require much effort.

If you’ll be cleaning homes, start by sharing on Facebook and asking your friends to spread the word. Chances are that one of those friends could become your first customer!

If you’ll be cleaning restaurants, offices, etc., you can still share it on social media and ask for leads, but you’ll also want to start making cold calls or knocking on doors to get that first one.

But the best thing about this business is that, once they see how good of a job you do, clients will come to YOU because word will spread quickly. That will soon snowball into a full schedule of work for your thriving cleaning business!

Step 4. Hire the first team member

If you do a good job, word will spread, and you’ll soon have more work on your list than you can handle… especially if the twist to your business makes you unique.

Now it’s time to hire an employee to help you. With that employee, you’ll be able to scale. That means more spaces, more customers, and word spreading even more!

When the work fills to the brim again, it’s time to hire that next employee. Then another. Eventually you’ll want to branch out into two teams to tackle jobs separately.

Step 5. Let it run autonomously

Now your cleaning business is making a killing, you have at two plus teams providing great service, and you’re basically just an employee of your own.

The final step is to hire someone to take your place. You can simply promote an employee to manager and let it all run by itself! You can teach the new manager exactly what to do in your place. Systemize everything as much as possible.

Once you do, you can be totally free from work! Maybe just check in from time to time to make sure everything is running smoothly, clients are happy, and whether you need to hire more employees!

Virtually ANYONE can start this quick and easy business as early as today and become their own boss.

Will you be one of the few who follow these steps and start a business that runs without you…?

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