This secret liberates you from government shackles

Sean BowerIt may sound harsh, but you need to come to the realization that the government doesn’t want you to have financial freedom.

They continuously set up obstacles so that you feel like it’s impossible to reach your financial goals, while ripping your hard-earned money out of your bank account before you even get a chance to touch it.

And on top of all that, they try to make it seem like you were destined to fail, and Janet Yellen just produced the finest example of that lie…

But this secret liberates you from the government shackles that are restraining you.

The Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve released a statement recently that said: “Growing up poor makes it harder to succeed.”

This statement angers me for many reasons, but most of all because it’s exactly the type of mindset you’ve been fed since you were young.

Statements like this give people an excuse for not achieving their goals—they think, “I’m not successful because I grew up poor, and the government agrees with me.”

The government doesn’t agree with you; the government is standing in your way.

Think about it, if everyone achieved financial freedom, who would pay the government?

Income taxes would slowly disappear, social security would be gone, and American dollars would be invested in economies that provide better returns.

It’s in the government’s best interest to keep you in the 9-5, 40-hour work-week rat-race.

The secret that liberates you from this rat-race is already inside your mind, you just have to let it prosper.

A healthy mindset could take any person, from any walk of life, and provide an incredibly wealthy lifestyle for them.

There’re plenty of “rags to riches” stories to prove that.

Tesla founder Elon Musk grew up in a rough town in South Africa, constantly bullied; billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson grew up with dyslexia and dropped out of school at 16; John D. Rockefeller grew up 1 of 6 kids in a poor family, later to become the first person in history worth a billion dollars.

There’s many more examples, but these three names should be enough inspiration for you to realize that you’re never too poor, old, or oppressed to break free.

It’s too easy to let the government make excuses for the fact that you’re not wealthy. After all, they’re supposed to be there for guidance and support.

It’s almost like a parent telling their kids that it’s not their fault that they’re fat.

The secret that breaks you free from this poisonous mindset lies in the act of questioning everything.

Every aspect of your life needs to be questioned for you to restructure your financial status, and finally become liberated from the government’s stern hand.

Comments like Yellen’s are extremely common, and it’s almost second nature to use them to let yourself off the hook for any shortcomings you’ve faced.

So keep an eye out for these oppressing “comments of forgiveness” and make sure that you question every single one of them. Once this secret becomes a natural reaction, you’ll finally start to become liberated from the government’s restraining shackles.

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