This un-retirement secret could save you

Jim_SamsonRetirement has changed drastically over the past few decades. It’s no longer the cut-and-dry, retire-at-65-and-fade-away-into-the-sunset experience that it used to be.

The struggle to get there has changed. The average age of retirement has changed. The way we view retirement has changed. And, perhaps most importantly, the way we live in retirement has certainly changed.

It’s now more difficult than ever for many people to even keep the standard of living they’ve become accustomed to. That’s why you may need this un-retirement secret that could save you when you need it most…

To explain the secret I’m referring to, let me first set it up by giving you two very common scenarios:

Scenario 1:

You retired at 66 with sufficient money after saving for your entire life. But you decided to ignore the warning signs of an impending stock market crash and you ended up losing almost half of your invested money.

You’re no longer able to keep up with all your bills.

What now?

Scenario 2:

You retired at 66 with sufficient money after saving for your entire life. You’re now 68 and you realize how unfulfilled you are without the career that fueled you each day.

While your bank account is fine, your level of happiness is not.

What now?

In both scenarios, retirement has evolved into something you never thought it would, and that’s actually a very normal occurrence for retirees. The idea you had of a perfect retirement is gone, and now it’s time to do something about it or live out the rest of your days without the joy you deserve.

It’s time for your un-retirement.

To put it simply, un-retirement is nothing more than getting back to work in some capacity.

For Scenario 1, you’ll be rejoining the workforce in order to make up for lost savings. For Scenario 2, you’ll be doing so to gain back that sense of fulfillment you long for.

It’s actually a very simple solution, but the execution isn’t always easy.

You see, most businesses are programmed to hire young, cheap employees rather than their older, more expensive counterparts.

And that’s only compounded when employers find out that you’ve been out of work entirely for several years.

So how can you find a job that you’ll enjoy AND that can provide a good source of income in retirement?

The secret is looking at what you’ve been doing in retirement, and even before then…

What establishments have you become a regular of?

Where do you enjoy going every day or week?

Which local businesses have you built a relationship with?

That could be the key to your un-retirement and living a financially free, fulfilled life.

If you go to the hardware store every couple of weeks and have a relationship with the owner and staff because of that, see if there’s a part-time opening you could fill.

If you always find yourself at the same shop or diner, why not see if the relationship you’ve built there could lead to a job you can enjoy in retirement?

Think about where it is that you could see yourself working in your un-retirement…

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