Time this right for a $12,200 boost

Jim_SamsonTiming is everything with regard to most aspects of life, but in real estate, timing can be the difference between receiving thousands of extra dollars and losing out on that amount.

Once again, it all comes down to knowing when to make certain moves…and when to avoid those moves altogether.

So if you’d like to give yourself a nice $12,200 boost, all you have to do is time 1 thing right, and the perfect timing begins in just days…

A two-week period may not seem like a long time in the course of an entire year, but we’re quickly approaching a window of that length with some very significant consequences in the real estate world.

For home sellers, putting a home on the market in the first half of May normally means a final bump in the sale price of anywhere from $1,000 to $12,200.


This seems to be a bit of a sweet spot for sellers in the infinite battle of supply and demand. A lesser supply in general during early May means higher selling prices.

But of course this time frame will differ slightly from area to area – the first half of May is an average nationally.

For example, this time frame would be early June for Houston while it would be Atlanta’s would be early April, according to data.

But this timing phenomenon doesn’t only have an impact on selling price alone…

There are 2 other consequences of this two-week period that are strikingly beneficial for sellers:

1. It gives a big bump to even the worst markets, which are able to experience more sales in this time frame.


2. On average, homes sell 18 to 22 days faster when they’re listed during this sweet spot time frame.

So if you’re thinking about listing your home for sale, you could be about to enter the very best time to do so. A tiny bit of research about your local area could give you the knowledge you need to get the timing perfect and end up with an extra $12,200 when it’s all said and done.

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