Triple your money on gold’s rally

Sean BowerAfter topping $1,300 and hitting a 15-month high, gold is booming through 2016 with a brilliant start.

And this looks like it could be the very beginning of something much larger – even a brand new bull market for precious metals.

Now it’s time to find out how YOU are going to be able to take advantage of the gold rally and make triple the amount the average gold investor would make…

Up over 20% already this year, gold has been crushing the stock market. And its bringing some buddies with it, like silver and oil.

Is it time for commodities to be king?

We’ll keep that thought in mind as we focus on gold and how to make the most of it right now.

So what pushed gold over $1,300 an ounce?

The beginning of the gold rally was spurred by the dreadful period for the stock market back in January, which made gold a safe haven for investors. But while turmoil gave gold the jumpstart it’s been looking for since 2011, the fuel motoring gold higher at the moment is a weakening dollar.

And thanks to those contributing factors, momentum has been obtained – momentum that will only gain in strength when a bear market takes hold of Wall Street, creating more fear and uncertainty.

The current rally gold finds itself in now provides the savviest investors with several opportunities to profit from its climb. And the investors who know the options for playing a gold boom will be able to benefit the most.

That’s what I’m here for – to give you options.

Option 1: SPDR Gold Shares

This is one of the more basic ways to play gold, as well as one of the safest. By behaving like a traditional stock, SPDR Gold Shares gives you a way to trade gold without paying the big price of the actual metal.

Option 2: Royal Gold, Inc.

How would you like to profit from gold royalties? Royal Gold gives you that opportunity. It focuses on acquiring and managing precious metals royalties, metal streams, and similar interests. Investing in Royal Gold gives you a taste of your own gold royalty stream…

Option 3: Gold Miners

I have a sort of secret weapon when it comes to profiting from gold, and it revolves around gold miners. Now, as you probably already suspected, there’s obviously going to be a strong correlation between gold itself and gold miners stocks.

When gold is climbing, so should gold miners stocks. But virtually nothing regarding gold could give you the same bang for your buck as my gold miners secret weapon. I’m talking about 3 times the payout that you’d get from something like SPDR Gold Shares, and that’s what I’ll be recommending to subscribers of Midas Wave Alert when I see the perfect entry point.

Knowing when gold is half the battle, but understanding how to take advantage of that boom is what could make the difference between making $10,000 and making $30,000…

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