Turns your hobby into $3,000 a month

Who wouldn’t want an extra $3,000 a month… and better yet earn that money doing something you enjoy? I know I would love that extra $3,000 a month.

But you might be asking yourself who has the time for this…

Let me tell you this can be done is as little as 4 to 5 hours a week.

Now before the internet breaking into a new business was time consuming and a daunting process.

That’s not the case today. In just a few simple steps you can start turning something you are enthusiastic about into money… and the best part is it isn’t work.

You start by choosing an activity that inspires you.

After you’ve put together a decent sized list you want to see which topic has the most demand. And this isn’t difficult – all you have to do is use a free tool like Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

This shows how many times people used a search term each month. By doing this you’ll find out which of your topics has the most potential.

After you’ve decided on a topic to tackle you need to figure out what makes your angle unique. We call this the unique selling proposition (USP).

Then when you’ve decided on a topic and its USP, you need to choose a domain name. This is simple. For example, our domain name is TheMidasLegacy.com.

To secure a domain name all you need to do is go to website like godaddy.com and it will tell you if it’s available and what it costs.

After you secure a domain name, you can start building your website. This used to be a costly process, but now with sites like WordPress it’s completely affordable.

Now comes the fun part… using your thoughts to fill your website with content.

Once your site has content, it can start making money.

I know what you’re asking, “How will my site make money?”

There are 4 easy ways to make money from your site:

  • AdSense
  • Other advertisements
  • Affiliate products
  • And your own products if you develop them

Now remember, this isn’t supposed to be a job… it’s making money by writing about something you enjoy. So, don’t let it consume you and work on it as you please.

And as the content builds up… so will the traffic… which will have you pocketing $3,000 a month before you know it…

Enjoy the extra income.

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