Want real wealth? Trick your brain…

MarkedwardsFor many, making the connection between natural health and wealth or success can be a difficult gap to bridge. But I promise you that health plays a gigantic part in how much you’re able to accomplish.

Sure, part of the formula is simply keeping your body healthy enough to physically be able to reach your goals, but it’s also a matter of mental health.

So if you want to gain real wealth and have a legacy to leave behind to your children and grandchildren, trick your brain by doing this…

Before getting to the “how,” let me first explain the “why.”

Why must you trick your brain to obtain real wealth?

To my knowledge and belief, there’s no 100% perfect path to become wealthy and building an inheritance to leave behind. However, there are patterns we can easily see in how others have reached success.

Look at 10 wealthy and successful people. It’s extremely likely that 9 of them are “morning people.” They rich understand that waking up with focus and motivation is an imperative part of reaching their goals.

But here’s the catch: Only about 10% of people are true “morning people.”

Does that mean you don’t have a chance at wealth if you’re not part of that lucky 10%? Absolutely NOT. All you have to do is trick your brain into becoming a morning person, and then using it to chase down your goals!

Here’s how to do exactly that…

The simple answer is to go to bed earlier, but it really takes much more than that. It’s about the quality of sleep you get each night.

And you DO NOT have to resort to pills and other artificial means of making yourself drowsy. There are natural ways to cure your lack of bad sleep.

1. Protein first, dairy later

Protein is great for you, but it’s also difficult for your body to digest. Too much protein too late in the day might mean the digestion process will disrupt your sleep cycle.

On the other hand, dairy contains tryptophan, which is actually a natural sleep inducer!

2. Exercise…early

Exercise will do two things. For starters, it enhances your mood, alertness, and brain activity in the present. And secondly, it prepares your body for sleep in the future.

But exercise is all about the earlier the better.

Exercise actually helps to keep you up for several hours, so doing it too late will disrupt your ability to fall asleep. But if you exercise first thing in the morning, it will give you ALL of the benefits it can.

3. Cut out naps, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine

Naps that last more than roughly 20 minutes can make it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, so cut them out of your day.

Cut caffeine, including chocolate, tea, and coffee of any kind, at least 4 hours before bed to ensure a natural falling asleep process for your body at night.

Alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, but it also completely ruins how well you sleep. Night sweats, headaches, frequently waking, and other consequences of alcohol all negatively impact your sleep. Try to cut alcohol out roughly 5 or 6 hours before bed.

Cut nicotine completely (I know that’s easier said than done for many people). The addictiveness of nicotine is so powerful that your body will crave it while you sleep, which affects your quality of sleep.

4. Keep the bedroom dark and for sleep primarily

A well-known but scarcely followed rule about sleep is to make the environment as dark as possible, which helps your body produce melatonin, another sleep inducer.

Many people take this rule lightly and leave a light, television, etc. on. Do your body a favor and cut it all off.

You should also condition your body for sleep by keeping your bedroom for sleep only, if possible. Don’t retreat to your bedroom constantly throughout the day, and instead make sure your body knows that it’s time for bed when you enter that room.

All of the above will trick your brain into becoming a morning person! And when you do that, you have the ability to A) get more done, B) be more efficient and focused, and C) accomplish goals, reach success, and build wealth…

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