Do you think like a wealthy person?

Sean BowerSo you’ve worked hard all your life, you’ve done what you’re supposed to do, and you don’t have the wealth to show for it.


Please try to keep an open mind when I tell you that it might just be your mindset. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to hear that most ‘rich’ people think a certain way, and it’s very different from the average person in many ways. They think like this…

The Wealthy Spend Money on Assets

Most people spend the largest portion of their money on a house and cars, but these things don’t make them any money in return. Wealthy people spend their money on assets specifically for the reason of seeing a return on their investment.

The Wealthy View Money as a Tool

The rich man knows that money is just a tool to get what he wants—a tool he can leverage. Because of that, he can think about it logically. On the flip side, the average person is emotionally attached to money and how collecting it is the sole path to retirement. This emotional attachment causes financial paralysis.

The Wealthy Don’t Wait for Money to Come to Them

You’ll see the average person standing in line to buy lottery tickets, but not many rich people. Instead, a wealthy man takes action rather than doing the same thing over and over and waiting for money to come his way. Don’t have a great idea and not take the initiative to act on it. You’ll regret it.

The Wealthy Use Other People’s Money

The rich man is happy to take out a loan or use money that isn’t technically his because the rich man knows he is compounding that money. The average man is terrified of going into too much debt, which is legitimate, but that only happens when the money is spent on liabilities rather than assets that could bring in more money.

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