We’ve struck oil (and it’s paying BIG)…

Gas prices are soaring!

And so are profits.

Are you going to sit there and complain about gas prices or are you going to take out your bucket and collect the cash that’s raining from the sky???

The general masses see higher gas prices as a nuisance, but I’m about to show you something that’ll have you cheering those gas prices higher and higher…

It’s easy to forget to put 2 and 2 together sometimes…

Higher gas prices obviously mean somebody is making money.

And I’m not just talking about the gas moguls like Chevron and Exxon either.

I’m talking about people who are invested in oil right now.

Or more specifically, the people who are getting TWICE as much profit as those who are invested in oil right now.

Oil is a commodity that we all need. And while it is becoming less and less necessary with all the electric cars hitting the streets, there’s still a LOT of money to be made in it.

The price of gas going up means somewhere there’s an investment that’s going up with it.

And I’m not talking about hitting the pumps and filling up canisters of gas to resell – that’d be illegal…

I’m talking about jumping on your computer right now and clicking a few buttons to get TWICE as much profit as the standard oil investor.

You see, you can invest in an Oil ETF (exchange traded fund), which would be like investing in oil without having to own any oil contracts.

You simply buy and sell ETFs like stocks.

But even better, you can invest in a 2x ETF… meaning if the oil ETF goes up 10%, the 2x oil ETF goes up 20%.

Of course, this is a double-edged sword as it can drop twice as much as the regular ETF drops as well, but like I said, oil is on fire right now and has been surging stronger and stronger!

The 2x oil ETF I like to invest in is the ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil ETF (UCO).

It moves 2x the amount of the standard oil ETF (USO).

As oil keeps spiking, I know I’m going to be invested and making 2 times the profits!

Are you?

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