What is your boss stealing from you?

Jim_SamsonIf you’re lucky, you can count on one hand the number of people that are stealing from you, but I bet you’d never imagine your boss would be on there.

You expect to see the banks, the tax-man, maybe even an ex-husband or wife, but you’d probably be taken back by your boss being on that list, yet he is.

In fact, he probably steals more from you than all the other three put together. While you’re working your fingers to the bone, he’s laughing at you.

But it’s so simple to cut him off completely…

The first step to doing this is realizing what it is he’s exactly stealing from you.

Well, I’ll tell you: he’s stealing time, money, and creativity from you, and those are the most valuable resources you have.

Wouldn’t you like to get paid for working on things that you enjoy, while doing them in your own time?

I always say: Freedom breeds creativity. And if you’re locked up in a desk job pushing paper back and forth, you’re being suffocated.

These corporations make you push your dreams aside and make you believe that you’re working toward something meaningful. Maybe it’s a promotion; maybe it’s a new title; maybe it’s that corner office you picture yourself in.

Whichever it is, it’s just another step on the corporate ladder that’s confining you to slave your best days away.

You need to take a leap off that ladder, and cut your boss off completely.

Don’t feel bad, he does it to everybody you work with and he won’t suffer when you cut him off—although he should, for all the times he’s stolen from you.

There are thousands of jobs out there that pay salaries that compete with what you’re making now, and offer you the chance to do whatever you want with your life.

If you’d like to check out your options before you completely cut your boss off, take a look at We Work Remotely—a job search website that specifies in remote jobs that you can do from anywhere and (for the most part) any time you want.

They cover a wide array of positions, spanning from managerial to customer service, digital strategists to account executives, marketing to content writing, and much more.

You could be halfway across the world answering a few simple emails while watching your sturdy paycheck replenish any money you’ve spent.

Living a life that’s free of an office and a crooked boss is something you have to experience before you can fully appreciate the feeling it brings.

Stop letting your boss steal from you, and cut your ties with office life once and for all through one of these personally rewarding mediums.

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