What’s revolutionizing real estate?

Jim_SamsonThe Internet has touched nearly every aspect of life, and real estate is certainly no exception.

The industry has recently been (and currently is) under renovation thanks to a major shift in the way people go about buying, selling, and renting property.

Here is what you need to know about how real estate is being revolutionized right now…

Let’s say you wanted to purchase a new property several years ago. How would you go about finding the right place?

You’d probably visit a real estate agent, drive around, or maybe check the newspaper…

What if you wanted to find a property to buy today?

Well, you’d simply go on your phone.

That’s because property apps have revolutionized the real estate industry. The more popular ones, like Trulia and Zillow, are now a main resource for a large portion of people in the market.

Now, the great majority of properties in a given area will be listed on these property apps you can get on virtually any smartphone or computer.


For the buyers, these property apps make it simple to find pretty much every property in the area through one easy resource. And buyers can also quickly compare properties in an area against one another based on price, size, exact location, etc.

For sellers, your property will almost certainly be seen by more eyes (virtually, that is), and you have the chance to size up the competition.


For buyers, the downside to these real estate apps mean that you’ll be up against more people looking at the same properties since everyone is using these apps and websites.

As for sellers, you’d better make sure you aren’t overpriced for what you’re offering—people will easily be able to scan over you property and see right away how it compares to others close by.

Like every other change, this modification to real estate has both good and bad sides to it. The important part for you is to know how to take advantage.

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