What’s your big idea?

99.99% of incredible business ideas are killed before they’ve even had a chance to begin.

And most of the time, it’s the person who has that big idea who kills it.

Think about it…

Have you ever thought, “wow, this would be a really great business” or “they should make a product for that”?

How far did you get with that idea before your inner-negative-voices found an excuse to shoot it down?

It’s not just you who does this…

I’ve fell victim to this many times.

Until I unlocked the secret I’m about to reveal…

Do you want to know the biggest excuse people give for shutting down a great idea?

They think it’s going to be stolen and therefore it’s too much work.

They don’t want to admit that it will be hard work or that it would be life changing. They want an excuse to not have to move it forward.

And like I said, they come up with the excuse that somebody’s going to steal it.

I keep an amazing quote by famous marketer Seth Godin stuck to my computer screen that addresses this:

“Your Big Idea…

No one is going to steal it. Not if it’s actually a big idea.

One thing that big ideas have in common is that they’re almost impossible to give away.

You could have bought Amazon stock for lunch money, been an early backer of Acumen, financed part of Spike Lee’s first movie, had front row seats to Hamilton, bought Bitcoin for $2… you get the idea. Even insiders usually take cash instead of stock options. And early customers almost never race out to build a competitor.

When big ideas show up, almost no one sees what’s possible. All they notice is that change is risky and new stuff might not work.

Don’t worry so much about someone stealing your ideas. In fact, it’s probably worth working harder to get people imagining they might.”

Every time I come up with an idea that my inner laziness wants to shoot down, I read that quote.

And I encourage you to print that quote out and keep it somewhere visible on your desk.

It’ll help you push through the negative inner thoughts that creep in when you have that next big idea.

On top of this, by the time you get your big idea working, you could cash it in for a BIG payday if a company wants to “steal” it from you. At that point, you hold all the cards and have all the leverage.

So, with all that in mind, I must ask…

What’s your BIG idea?

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