Which candidate will make you richer?

Sean BowerTrump, Clinton, or Sanders? This appears to be your choice, so far. Who do you choose…?

Here at The Midas Legacy, it’s our job to help you become richer, so it seems fitting to ask the question: “Which candidate will make you richer?”

And I think you’ll be VERY shocked at the answer…

I think this will be the most volatile presidential election in decades, and the plot will twist and turn until the very last minute (even possibly with surprise, last-minute nominees), with both sides raging against each other. But, surprisingly, there is at least one thing that most Americans can agree on:

People are angry. Very, very angry.

And who can blame them? I’ve been writing to my students for years about how The System is rigged against them, so what took the population so long to figure this out?

The government is telling you inflation is low and under control, but the people don’t see it that way- the average person sees his income stagnating or falling at the same time that the cost of living is rising. Could it be because the government excludes rent, energy, fuel, and healthcare from their inflation data? In other worlds, they exclude the everyday things that real people actually buy and that are escalating higher!

Meanwhile, the wealthy elites get richer. In 2008, people voted for “CHANGE!”. And they certainly got it, just not in the way they expected. As you can see from this chart of how the stock market did from 2009 to present, it was the wealthiest corporations who saw “CHANGE!” in a positive way, thanks to The Federal Reserve forcing interest rates down and printing money:

retry graph

That’s nice for Wall Street and big corporations, but what did the average American family get? Nothing but a fat bill for Obamacare.

And, as a result, we have arrived at a breaking point. You can see it and feel it everywhere- the poverty gap between rich and poor has grown too wide, and as a result, people are applauding more extreme politicians on both sides because these candidates are demagogues. As you know, a demagogue is a political leader who appeals to popular passions and prejudices…

When too many people live on a financial knife-edge, their politics become extreme.

Years ago, in another country, a demagogue became leader of a country. For a while, the people were happy, and the country even prospered. But things didn’t turn out too well…

The country that voted for this demagogue was Germany in the 1930s, and the politician they VOTED for was Adolf Hitler. Not many people realize that Hitler didn’t seize power; he was applauded into office; seen as a strong voice to lead Germany out of the ashes of The Great Depression and the discontent of the voting public. Hitler simply manipulated the German people by appealing to their anger and frustration- he was basically just a mirror, and he used the people to get to power.

And in America today, we see demagogues in action, mirroring back the discontent to the people. I’m not taking sides here; I’m merely quoting history alongside what has become commonly accepted commentary on the candidates in question for the 2016 election.

I recently had a customer tell me that they were a World War II veteran, and that if it wasn’t for people like him, that I’d be speaking German today. Perhaps this is true (assuming America would’ve been conquered, which I strongly doubt), but there wouldn’t have even been a World War II had the masses kept their heads on straight by NOT voting for a demagogue like Hitler.

I know you feel angry and frustrated, and who can blame you. You feel a fire in your stomach, as do millions of Americans at this time.

In short, Americans, probably you included, are brimming with energy.

In physics, energy cannot be destroyed; only transferred. So all this angry energy will have to be transferred somehow, and my worry is that it will be transferred in a negative way for everyone.

Instead, use the fire in your belly in a positive way. Don’t expect any politician to give you “CHANGE!”, instead, become “CHANGE!”

Of course, I’m not saying not to vote. Of course you’ll vote, as every American should. Just don’t count on a politician- especially a demagogue- to live up to their wild promises and grandstanding.

Listen, in case the last eight years didn’t demonstrate this point enough (and the 8 years before that- I’m not choosing sides!), politicians- demagogues included- are just using you and lying to you. All of them.

The only person looking out for you is, well, YOU. And the only change that you can truly count on is the one that will be fuelled from that fire in your belly that everyone is feeling now.

Channel that energy into knowledge, and you will become the change you seek. And knowledge is what we give you here at The Midas Legacy.

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