You don’t need the silver spoon

Like anyone, it’s easy to feel resentment towards somebody because they were “born with a silver spoon in their mouth.”

I used to feel that resentment… until I started seeing something peculiar.

Those people don’t have an advantage over you. In fact, they’re more likely to have a disadvantage because they don’t get the opportunity to learn about life’s hardships like we did.

There’s one person in particular that comes to mind when I think about this…

I was travelling several years ago, and along my travels I got into a conversation with a very interesting man. He told me his story of how he had just recently retirement from the job he’d been doing for over 20 years – plumbing.

Instead of living on a plumber’s wage, he was now a wealthy man who was retiring from “normal” work… all because of this 1 thing…

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that we only use 10% of our brains. Well, that holds true when it comes to remembering the things we learn.

As research has shown, the different ways in which we can learn something directly affect how well we retain that information.

For example, let’s say you and your friend are both going to learn how to start a unique direct mail business that’s turning Average Joe’s into self-employed successes.

You are going to be taught the system and then will be encouraged to immediately teach what you’ve just learned to someone else.

Your friend is going to be taught the system in a lecture format.

The result?

Studies have shown that you will likely retain approximately 90% of the information you just learned because you then attempted to teach it to someone else!

On the other hand, your friend would likely only retain around 5% of the same information since he or she simply sat there and listened to the material.

Do you see how clear-cut the difference between success and failure can be?

Knowing the simple trick that teaching what you’ve just learned to someone else will help you to retain as close to 100% as possible is what made the plumber I met into a rich man…

It’s that simple!

Based on a study done by the NTL Institute, here’s how different learning activities correlate to retention rates:

  • Lecture format – 5% of information is retained.
  • Reading – 10% of information is retained.
  • Audio-visual, such as movies – 20% of information is retained.
  • Demonstration format – 30% of information is retained.
  • Group discussion – 50% of information is retained.
  • Practicing what you learned – 75% of information is retained.
  • Teach others immediately after learning – 90% of information is retained!

So just reading a system may only help you retain 10% of the material. At that you point you can only expect to make a fraction of the income you’d be making if you practice and use it right away!

You don’t need that silver spoon treatment, after all. It’s simply about learning the most effective way.

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