Your $17,000 real estate bonus

Have you ever thought about testing the waters of the real estate industry?

Perhaps you’ve previously taken your chances with real estate and didn’t experience much luck or attempted to get the ball rolling, but for whatever reason, your plans fell through.

Despite your history with real estate investments, if any, you may want to reassess your decision to participate in the market.

As I write this, the duration for houses that exist on the market has just reached an all-time low, creating one of the most competitive periods in terms of real estate.

So, what better time to enter the market and profit from your investments?

To put things into perspective, the time frame for when a listing is posted to when it sells is currently averaging around 64 days.

That number is down from 77 days just a year ago! Talk about a quick turnaround rate…

The thing is, this sell period has been at a consistent downfall for the past 8-years straight and there’s no indication that this trend will ease up anytime soon.

But that’s just the overall average. More populated areas, such as Seattle and California, have a market age of approximately 36 days.

That’s close to half the national sell rate for homes on the market!

Again, what are you waiting for? As a potential investor who is interested in real estate, NOW is the time to join into the industry.

But, if you’re still not convinced about the sustainability of selling homes, then maybe the actual money will sway your opinion instead.

Not only is the turnaround rate for housing sales at a record high, but residential values have increased by 8.7%. Based on the median price of a home in the U.S., selling in the current economy would put an extra $17,000 in your pocket.

These home prices are already at a 6-year high and costs are expected to continually increase over the next year!

The housing market seems to be reaching its peak and you’re not going to want to postpone your involvement any longer.

The median list-to-sale time has directed competition towards the industry as a whole and influenced the value of home prices. Each of these factors directly contribute to a healthy profitability for housing investments.

Take advantage of this thriving real estate while it lasts! There’s no better time to invest in the market than now.

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