Your 4 reasons for investing in real estate

Like many investments, buying into real estate revolves around timing.

If you play your cards right and base your transactions off the housing market’s seasonal cycles, it’ll quite literally pay off in the end.

Whether you’re experienced or completely new to buying and selling homes, one thing remains certain… the time to invest is NOW!

Here’s 4 reasons why.

First off, mortgage rates have just recently hit their lowest monthly average in nearly an entire year.

As I write this, this number is sitting somewhere around 4.46%, a value that’s far below the peak we saw during the 2006 housing boom.

On top of that, about 15% of the listings have undergone significant price cuts, with 39 of the 50 largest metros in the United States dropping in value!

Increasing employment is another factor. So far, 9,000 new jobs have merged into the residential construction sector alone.

Not only is this a positive sign for the economy, but also the real estate market as a whole.

A larger working class means more money for citizens to spend, which eventually leads to an increase in property purchases.

Just to give you an idea of what kind of role these new jobs play in the market, homebuying power is TWICE what it was back in the year 2000!

It’s a good indication to say the least, especially if you have a horse in the race.

As of now, the timing seems to be perfect and many experts are even forecasting that these market conditions will continue to improve from here on out.

The stars are already aligned for an ideal buy-in opportunity.

Still, to make matters even more appealing, spring just so happens to be right around the corner.

This particular time of the year is considered to be “hot” in terms of investing in real estate.

Families looking to change their current housing situation typically start shopping after winter and try to move before their children go back to school in summer.

In other words, if you’re considering trying your luck at buying and selling homes, the time is now.

Between low mortgage rates, ongoing price cuts, job growth and the turn of spring, good things are sure to come from real estate.

Don’t hesitate on this moneymaking opportunity and let someone else beat you to the punch!

Time your investments accordingly and watch the profits flow in afterwards.

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