Your home’s price is about to go up!

Are you a San Franciscan? (There’s still money to be made even if you’re not).

If so, then you probably have a thing or two to say about high prices and overpopulation.

But these two things aren’t necessarily negatives, especially if you’re in the business of real estate in this day and age.

That’s because one of the biggest IPOsthe market has ever seen is making its way into this area during 2019.

Here’s how this new public company is expected to impact home sales and what you can learn from it in terms of making money.

You’re probably wondering what the stock market has to do with buying and selling residential properties…

In this instance, the most highly anticipated IPO of the year happens to be headquartered in San Francisco.

This isn’t anything that’s out of the ordinary though, considering San Francisco is a bit of a hot spot for these types of businesses trying to move into the public sector.

Take Uber(UBER)for example. The world’s most popular ride hailing service is finally opening its doors up to everyday investors.

Not only is it a smart move on their part if they want to take the company to the next level, but it can mean big bucks for homeowners in the area who are looking to sell.

Think of Uber’s choice to go public as an expansion for both the business itself and the employees that work for it.

It simply means that anyone with ties to Uber will be looking to settle down near the office in San Francisco.

Sellers are already aware of this, but because the IPO hasn’t gone through just yet, many are anxiously waiting until the time is right.

Remember, this isn’t just any ole switch from private to public… I’m talking about the biggest IPO of the year!

Right now, Uber has a valuation of $80 BILLION!

A price tag that’s caused real estate inventories to slip as much as 32%of the course of the past 4 months – the largest decline in the region for homes priced below $1 million!

As sellers get greedy and buyers grow anxious, this value will continue to fall even more.

It’s a smart tactic for people looking to profit off the property they own though.

After all, why list your house now when you can wait a few more months and sell it for more?

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening here.

If you currently own real estate in San Francisco, it might be a good call to hold off on listing your properties until Uber’s IPO comes around.

And for those of you who don’t have any stake in the game when it comes to buying and selling homes in this area, you can always take advantage of the next IPO that comes to your town.

Just know that being patient pays to wait and strategically timing your real estate listings may just mean a higher net return from your investments after everything is said and done with.

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