YOUR money-saving guide to the perfect vacation

Here at The Midas Legacy, you’re probably used to our traditional columns about investing and wellness.

But today, I’m going to talk to you about investing in your future in an entirely new way.

Now, that’s a pretty wide open statement, I know. But I’m here to tell you about an opportunity that will make you happier and healthier, as well as giving you the keys to the castle of your dreams.

It starts with a ticket to Las Vegas.


Perhaps, but I promise, there is logic to it.

You see, every year, we at WSI TV host a convention that we like to call the Annual Wealth Summit, where we tell you all the secrets of trading, tips for retirement, answer your questions, and generally help you to be prepared for just about anything life throws your way.

And this year, we’re hosting that convention in Las Vegas.

Perhaps you already know this—maybe you’ve even reserved your seat already (if you haven’t, jump on it, tickets are going fast!), or maybe this is your first introduction to our beloved conference.

Whether the Annual Wealth Summit is news to you or an institution on your calendar each year, my job today is to make sure you get everything you possibly can out of the experience—because I can guarantee you it will be the experience of a lifetime.

Now, we aren’t the gambling sort, so it may come as a surprise that we chose Las Vegas as our venue, but we had other things in mind when we chose this famous city.

You see, Las Vegas isn’t just the city of casinos. It’s the city of adventures, experiences, and enjoyment (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a gorgeous and bright city).

Outside of the gambling sphere, Las Vegas is known for its luxury. It’s known for its uniqueness. And, it’s known for its bargain prices.

At some resorts, you can find prices as low as $30 a night for a beautiful hotel room and full access to the luxurious amenities offered. Attractions line every corner—and lots of them are free. Day drips are available to places like the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon for bargain prices, and our convention (December 7th and 8th) will give guests access to the glitz and glamor of the holiday season in the city of lights.

In other words, we chose Las Vegas because it is the perfect venue for YOU. It’s affordable but also offers luxury, and it gives you the opportunity to experience the vacation of a lifetime while also getting the knowledge you need to make your finances work for you for the rest of your life.

Now, all of this sounds great, but if you’ve never been to Las Vegas—or even if you had—it can be stressful to plan a trip. It can take a lot of work, and it can be hard to sort through different options to find the best bang for your buck.

But that’s what I’m here for!

Over the next few weeks leading up to the Annual Wealth Summit, Tayler and I will be bringing you exclusive updates on the best free entertainment, the cheapest prices, the newest discounts, and more to ensure that your trip to Vegas is informative AND fun.

We’ll bring you information about hotel and flight deals, the newest shows, the best art exhibits, the top meals for amazing prices…anything you could ever want to know for your trip to see us in Vegas.

Basically, for the next month, Tayler and I will be your personal travel agents.

Now, Jim, Jordan and the rest of the team have your Saturday and Sunday prepared—filled with fun activities and informative sessions that will teach you how to have thousands of dollars flowing into your pockets—but we want to make sure you get EVERYTHING out of the experience, from the convention itself to the incredible venue we chose to host it at.

To get your updates on the best discounts, free activities, discounts, deals, and suggested itineraries for Las Vegas, just keep an eye on your email or check back at for our latest articles!

Plus, check out our YouTube channel (WSI TV) for exclusive deals on tickets for the convention itself and more information about the different panels and activities featured for the weekend.

And, when Tayler and I head to Vegas to meet you (we’ll be heading out a couple days early to make sure everything is early for your arrival!) we’ll be filming live updates of our trip, arrival, the convention venue, and the fabulous city of Las Vegas.

Happy travels!

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