Your Most Powerful Success Weapon

Think about your strongest skills… the ones that have brought you the most success in life.

You may think about your people skills, your ability to come up with business ideas, your charisma, etc.

There’s one that I’d guarantee you’re NOT thinking of. It’s one that most people wouldn’t think to be that important, but it’s actually your most powerful success weapon…

I’m talking about Ignorance. I know, I know. You weren’t expecting that. Ignorance is usually viewed as a negative, but if you take ahold of it and use it the right way, you’ll quickly see how it is your most POWERFUL success weapon.

Please let me explain…

Let’s first address that obvious thought about ignorance – “isn’t it a bad thing?”

Yes…Usually. Ignorance can keep you from being self-aware. It can make you miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that’s staring you in the face. And it can be the very thing holding you back from success if you let it.

Think of ignorance like a top-secret weapon in your success arsenal…

When you don’t understand how to pilot your ignorance, you’ll undoubtedly struggle to maneuver such a powerful weapon, and the end result will be you parachuting to the ground as your helicopter crashes.

But if you can properly pilot that ignorance, you’ll be able to control one of the most powerful and agile success weapons in the world!

It’s called selective ignorance.

It’s all about being selective about your ignorance…

You see, human nature tells us to consume as much as possible: news, movies, shows, books, emails, phone calls, texts, and on and on.

What you don’t realize (and won’t be able to realize until you stop) is that those things are holding you back by an incredible amount. Most of the information you’re consuming is irrelevant to your goals, outside of your control, and (perhaps most importantly) time consuming.

The life you create for yourself is a consequence of input and output. The more unnecessary input (like the above examples) that you experience, the less output you’d achieve. It’s a basic principle.

The goal is maximum efficient output to be taking action to reach your goals, financially and otherwise.

So answer these questions:

  1. How much time each day to you spend looking at emails?
  2. How much time do you spend taking in the news through the newspaper, television, online, etc.?
  3. How often do you find yourself aimlessly surfing the web?

All of that unnecessary input is keeping your from output, and output means money in your pocket…

So this is my 2-part challenge to you now:

Challenge 1. Reduce that type of input completely for 1 week.

That means NO unnecessary web surfing. NO television, expect for an hour each day to unwind. NO news through newspapers, magazines, radio, etc. And NO unnecessary input of any other kind. NO email, except for the necessary amount – try to go for once a week, but once or twice per day is allowed IF NECESSARY.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to get caught up on the most important news by catching headlines as you walk by a TV or through word of mouth.

Challenge 2. If something doesn’t need or deserve to be finished, don’t finish it.

If you find yourself reading a nonfiction book that you thought would be able to help you, but it isn’t providing you with any valuable information, put it down. Don’t feel like you must finish it just because.

The same goes for anything boring, unhealthy, etc. Basically anything that doesn’t add value to you can be cut off immediately.

Instead of playing the game by the normal More and More! mentality that we all have adopted, understand that gaining selective ignorance towards the unnecessary input in your life will become the most powerful weapon in your success arsenal…

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