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Did you know that only about 33% of U.S. employees are fully engaged in their work?

This statistic may not seem like that big of an issue, but this type of discontent is infectious and can spread to other employees or even worse, your customers.

A business simply cannot exist without the customer base to back it and your workers are often a direct reflection of the product you’re trying to sell.

For this reason, it’s necessary to keep happier, more confident workers on your payroll, which is why I’ve listed a few tips on how to completely engage your employees so you can improve your business as a whole.

Think of your employees as a team of athletes competing on a relay…

Each individual is expected to put forth their best effort, especially if the goal is to win the race.

It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest runners on the face of the Earth, if only two-thirds of them are fully involved in passing the baton, you’re simply not going to receive the result you’re looking for.

In short, these unmotivated workers are doing nothing more than weighing down your business, but everyone on board needs to pull their own weight!

So, how do you fix the problem and reengage these employees?

A lot of business owners think the answer is to pay these workers more…

It’s hard enough to reward these people for slacking off in the first place, but studies show that this isn’t a viable solution to the underlying issue.

The reality is that some employees may value extra paid time off more than a salary boost. The thing is, you won’t know what fuels your employees unless you flat out ask, which brings me to my main point.

If you’re really interested in building an employee base that’s willing to go the extra mile in terms of overall productivity and customer service, then a good tactic is to show them appreciation.

In fact, studies show that 69% of employees work harder if their efforts are better appreciated by their employers.

You don’t want your employees feeling like another brick in the wall, which is why it’s important to show them the value that they pose to the functionality of your business.

People want to feel significant and unearthing team members’ core motivations is a priceless way to boost the efficiency of your business.

You can even build on this tactic by offering incentives that make everyone in the workplace feel empowered.

A lot of higher-ups choose to do this by rewarding hard work with a get-out-of-work-early card or by offering to cover the next company outing at a restaurant of their choice.

In the same way that people want to feel important at the workplace, they also want to see what the point of their job is within the larger organization.

They simply want to see the bigger picture.

All in all, appealing these few tactics can not only lead to happier, more confident workers on your payroll, but promote a more successful business.

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