Your pair of $4,000 payouts from the prisons

Sean BowerHave you ever thought about how much money you’re paying to keep prison inmates in good health?

It’s probably more than you think, but Donald Trump has proposed a policy that offers you the chance be repaid for your contributions.

Whether you love or hate the guy is irrelevant; it’s time to take back your hard-earned income so you can feed your family, instead of feeding felons.

On average, 5% of your state taxes pay to keep the prisons open. For some, this number is very frustrating as they question why they should be paying to keep these criminals alive.

You and I both know that there’s no way around this payment—it’s just how our society works.

But Donald Trump has created something that’s forcing the private prisons to pay you a pair of $4,000 payouts—one $4,866 check and one $3,480 check to be exact.

And you could collect yours whenever you’re ready.

Just to emphasize a little more on the cost of keeping inmates fed and sheltered in prison, the average inmate in the U.S. costs $31,286 per year.

That’s a working-class salary these days, and it’s going to somebody who has committed a crime.

You deserve these two $4,000 payouts as a reward for keeping the prisons open every year since you first started paying taxes.

The loopholes we’re going to exploit for these checks involve the private prison stocks coupled with Trump’s crime and immigration policies.

The two specific prison stocks that’ll be paying you these checks are Corrections Corp of America (CXW) and GEO Group (GEO).

Since Trump’s election, CXW stock has grown 148% and GEO has grown 114%, which would have provided investors that held 100 shares with the checks worth $3,480 and $4,866, respectively.

Both stocks have been climbing at rapid speeds on speculation of Trump’s crime and immigration reforms, and his pledge to deport illegal immigrants.

These policies are expected to place more people behind bars, and in turn increase private prison revenue.

I strongly advise for you to keep an eye on both of these stocks as Trump’s policies become more and more of a reality.

If the momentum continues, and there aren’t any signs of it slowing down, your $4,000 payouts from these prisons will be in your hands in no time.

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