YOUR profit from the city of the future TODAY

We’ve all heard of smart phones, but what about smart cities?

That’s right—move over New York, the future metropolis is here. And it’s multiplying!

In fact, there are at least half a dozen ‘smart cities’ in development around the world right now in places like Malaysia, Oman, China, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia.

But before you run off to invest in the futuristic Malaysian Forest City, let me tell you about a smart city investment opportunity right here in the U.S.

This city plan advertises a ‘technological infrastructure,’ sustainable living, and countless futuristic conveniences.

It’s called Belmont, and it has been labeled America’s first Smart City. It will be built in Arizona, about 40 minutes outside of Phoenix, and will have an estimated 182,000 inhabitants upon completion.

And this really is the city of the future.

It will have sustainable power (solar and wind), automated cars, automated farming systems, and even ‘small cells’ that will create the fastest ever wireless network without the need for dishes or antennas.

The city will be wired to collect data on power usage, water cleanliness, air quality, and internet speed to ensure the city is healthy for both residents and the environment at all times.

Imagine all the futuristic movies you’ve seen—skyscrapers with flourishing gardens, robots to help fix utilities, automated everything, and shiny new tech—and imagine that it’s right in front of you.

Sounds too incredible to be real, right?

It isn’t!

Backed by the Investment Trust of the tech god Bill Gates himself, this city has the technology to back the plans, and is ready to become a reality.

Construction is set to start as early as next year, and the completion date is estimated to be as soon as 2035!

But even with the city of tomorrow so close, 15 years is still a long time to wait for a return on your investment. We want a profit now!

Not to worry though. This project is ripe with opportunity for virtually instant profits.

Now, I mentioned that Belmont will be in Arizona, and you might be picturing the empty, sandy heat of the state with concern.

Before you pull out a map, I’ll go ahead and tell you—Belmont is in the middle of the desert.

But believe it or not, this is actually a huge positive for the project, and for your potential profit.

The site was chosen for a few reasons, the access to solar energy among them, but one of the biggest deciding factors was the price of the land.

Because the area is barren, the cost for acreage is unbelievably cheap—for now at least.

The land bought for the project—purchased by Gate’s trust, Cascade Investment LLC—amounts to 24,800 acres and only cost $80 million.

That may sound like a lot of money, but if we break it down, that’s only $3,225 per acre. To give you a benchmark, an acre of land on the edge of Phoenix would cost you about $28,000. In the city center it could cost up to $90,000!

So, where should you be investing?

The answer is simple: the empty land around Belmont.

With a couple acres at bargain prices, you will be getting in at the bottom, right before those acres become prime real estate.

As a rule, urban acreage costs exponentially more than in rural areas, which means as soon as construction starts on Belmont, the area will become urbanized and prices will skyrocket.

If you buy land in the undeveloped area around Belmont, you can see your investment increase by 850% or more.

That means a profit of at least $24,187 in just a couple of years for a single acre. If you splurged a bit and bought 10 acres, you would make a profit of $241,875. And you don’t have to do anything but purchase the land!

No developing, leasing, or managing necessary. Just hold on to that land and wait for the prices to soar.

So what are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to invest in YOUR future.

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