Your share of wealth from The Great American Comeback

The Great American Comeback is under way, and your opportunity to profit from it- in all areas- is huge. But the media don’t want you to know that; the media would gladly deprive you of what I’m declaring the greatest wealth opportunity in a generation, to serve their own agenda…

The media needs you to stay scared, shivering in the corner, crying “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” After scaring you to death for nearly two years about Covid-19, as that story gets old, they’ve come up with something new to keep you a “Chicken Little,” and I’ll explain it here…

Of course, Covid-19 was a very real virus, and that people have died from it is indeed a tragedy. But notice how the media reports the statistics. 0.06% of the global population have died from Covid, but it’s far more sensational to report the total number of deaths (which is an exaggerated number because many of those deaths were due to other causes, and the person just also happened to have Covid).

But stating total global deaths of 0.06% isn’t very exciting, is it? If they reported that number, most people would switch off their TVs and go about their business. So, it’s a matter of perspective; more specifically, the perspective that the media want you to take. And that perspective is inevitably one of doom and gloom because fear sells.

Fear is a powerful weapon to use on humans. It’s hardwired into our ancient DNA for survival purposes. Humans have been around for 2.5 million years, so we’re designed much more for ancient living than modern. When we see or hear, “Danger! Danger!” perhaps because of fire, a cliff, or a tiger, it made sense for an ancient human to freeze up and back away. And this is the tactic the media constantly use to manipulate you into giving them your attention and energy, happy to plant the toxins in your mind for the day, every day. But in modern times, this ancient instinct has less relevance; in modern times…

Fear prevents life more than death.

Real estate has boomed, exactly as I predicted for the last few years, and I knew it wouldn’t give a damn about Covid. The same goes for stocks, as my proprietary system called a new bull market as early as October 2020. So, as the Covid story grows old, economies rebound on steroids, international borders open up, and people spring forward with their lives, the media needs a new disaster to peddle you…

“Supply chain troubles.” “Inflation.”

Let’s blow each apart in turn…

Supply chain issues are a nice problem to have! It means the Great American Comeback is underway! But the media want you to see the glass as half-full. It’s a bit like when people come across a moneymaking opportunity and then ask me, “What about tax?” Tax is a nice problem to have! It means you’re making money.


Inflation? Naturally, when supply is lower, prices go up. That’s economics a child understands. But this is a short-term anomaly caused by, you guessed it, the media terrifying the world into the covid disruptions. If inflation was a real factor, why has gold been in a downtrend since August 2020? And even if inflation was a factor, hoarding cash is the last thing you’d want to do, because it would be worth less over time.

Stop letting the media sucker you in to being a Chicken Little. The Great American Comeback is here, but if you’re too busy shivering in the shadows, sitting on your cash, you’re going to miss out in a huge way. I care about you, and I don’t want you to get left behind.


P.S. To celebrate The Great American Comeback and to applaud you for getting through it, this Friday I’ll explain on video the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done. See you then!

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