Your shortcut to happiness

There’s no denying the fact that technology has permanently changed our society.

People simply don’t have the patience that they used to and it’s because of the instantaneous gratification we’ve all grown accustomed to.

Web pages load in the blink of an eye, messages can be sent in a matter of seconds, even paychecks can be immediately deposited into your bank account from your cell phone.

There’s no doubt that this innovation has encouraged humans to pick up the pace and try to match the efficiency that comes along with these new gadgets and advancing technology, but we often forget how important it is to “stop and smell the roses”.

As you know, patience is a virtue and it’s been proven that taking the time to appreciate the little things in life is a building block for personal development.

Here’s why and how it can act as an EASY shortcut to your own happiness…

It may sound cliché, but research suggests that pressing the pause button on the go-go style of modern society can actually lead to a heightened state of personal happiness.

People tend to get caught up with the stress that comes along with a career or managing relationships and fail to live in the present moment.

But existing in the NOW is exactly how to harness the perks that come along with this pursuit of self-improvement!

Taking the time to appreciate the good things in life, instead of reminding yourself of all the negatives, has a direct correlation on your overall happiness and satisfaction.

Taking a deep breath and stopping to acknowledge the little things that often get overlooked in this day and age is a great way to train yourself to remain optimistic.

And actively striving to view the world through a glass half full lens, rather than a half empty one seems to work wonders.

In fact, studies show that appreciation is a byproduct of gratitude, which plays a significant role in one’s quality of life.

The next time you find yourself combing over all the negatives, try to remind yourself of the things that you’re truly thankful for. I guarantee that you’ll see noticeable results just by practicing this appreciation on a day-to-day basis.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not asking you to sweep your problems under the rug; however, learning how to be grateful for the good things, even if they are small, is an easy, effective way for unlocking the secret to a happier version of yourself.

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