Your simple trick to guaranteed profits

You know better than anyone that a business can’t run if its employees are unhappy.

Think about the last time your boss asked you to stay late or pick up a coworker’s slack.

If you don’t feel valued by your company, you’re less likely to say “yes” to help them out.

Becoming a business owner, you know this works both ways.

Here’s a simple trick to keep employees AND customers satisfied, guaranteed to skyrocket your profits.

The 40-hour 5-day workweek seems to be as old as time.

Only certain industries deviate from this norm, and only for their specific purposes.

If an employer doesn’t want to pay an overnight premium to get the job done, they’ll have an employee do it during the day.

There’s always a work-around.

As an aspiring business owner, you’re soon to become an employer yourself. What kind do you want to be: Cheap? Or valued?

Yes, your bottom line is important, but the happiness of your employees goes a long way to ensure the health of your business.

Facebook has recently come under fire for its harsh conditions in content moderation sites across the country.

Dirty workspaces, limited bathroom visits, and minimal sick days make for a depressing job. Not to mention that these employees sift through some of the most heinous and graphic posts on social media every day.

Facebook as an employer is failing these contracted employees. If it weren’t the giant that it is, it would likely crumble under the weight of its employees’ discontent.

If your fledgling business were to face the same thing, chances are it wouldn’t withstand the pressure.

You must focus on your product’s development and marketing, but don’t forget who works alongside you to make that a reality.

If you neglect your workers’ benefits, morale, and compensation, they won’t hesitate to leave for another employer who will take care of them.

And seeing as training costs are some of the highest expenditures in employment, you would do well to keep employees where they are.

So, how can you make sure your employees are happy to work for you?

I do live in the real world, so I’m going to be realistic: you can’t make everyone happy.

But you can try. Being nice goes a long way.

As a business owner, no matter what stage of production you’re in, let your employees see you. Let them see you care about their work, and about their lives.

In short, be someone you would want to work for.

Another, more radical, method is trying something out of the ordinary.

Shake Shack, known for its custards and burgers, made restaurant history when it introduced 4-day workweeks.

The CEO says that it did have a cost element, but the company has retained a higher percentage of employees since the change.

Kind of like ripping off a Band-Aid, if you bear the cost now, all the difference could appear in keeping your employees happy to work with you.

If you’re already in the sales stage of business building, your employees are the first faces your customers see.

You want it to be a smiling face that wants the best for your company, not someone who is counting down the hours until they can clock out.

Make your business one worth working for, and you will see the difference dedicated and happy employees make in your profit margin.

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