Your trick to an extra 140% per customer!

They say that customers who receive excellent service from brands spend about 140% more…

That’s almost two and a half times the profit you’d earn from a buyer who didn’t have a shopping experience that was up to par.

It just goes to show that there’s more to a successful business than a quality product alone.

If you’re looking to lay the foundation for a business that can stand the test of time, then you need to get used to bending over backwards for your customers.

Don’t worry, I’ve listed an EASY trick to doing just that!

So we’re clear, this 140% boost in sales doesn’t come from a single shopping spree.

Instead it adds up from the same buyer repeatedly returning for more of the same product.

Think about it… there’s not much incentive for a customer to come back to your business if they left unhappy or unsatisfied in the first place.

However, the exact opposite goes for the customer who receives service that goes above and beyond their expectations.

Lucky for you, impressing your customers enough to buy again and again isn’t all that complicated.

In fact, sometimes it’s as simple as giving them the answer they’re looking for…

I’m talking about customer service, which is essentially the bread and butter of business as we know it today.

Most people calling in aren’t just looking for chit-chat, they’re trying to get to the bottom of something related to your product or company.

And if you’re unable to provide them with the information they’re searching for, it gives your business a bad impression from the get-go.

You want the employees answering the phones and interacting with potential purchasers to know everything there is to know about your trade.

Obviously it’s next to impossible to expect every single one of your workers to have an answer to whatever questions are thrown their way, but that’s not the point.

As long as you can get customers to believe that the person on the other end of the line is an expert on all things that the company offers, says and does, you’re in the clear.

But how exactly do you pull this off?

To ensure your customer experience team knows everything there is to know, you’ll need to leverage technology properly.

In other words, take advantage of all the info that technology has placed at your fingertips.

Nowadays whenever calls come in you can personalize conversations by either greeting customers by their first name, wishing them a happy birthday or saving them from repeating themselves about the nature of a previous phone call.

Talk about exceeding customer expectations…

Not only is this all possible, but it’s an easily accessible addition to your business, thanks to popular CRM applications such as Salesforce.

As for the tricky questions that you may find coming your way, you need to have knowledge bases that are keyword searchable so employees can find the answers ASAP.

This can all happen in the blink of an eye and if implemented correctly the customer won’t even pick up on it. It’ll just come off as really good service.

Technology itself can’t win over a recurring customers, but adding a human touch can make all the difference, especially in this day and age where automation and robots are on the rise.

As Steve Jobs said, “You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology”.

Personalize customer interactions as much as possible and make the “expertise” of your employees known from the start.

If you can pair that with a quality product, your customers are almost guaranteed to come back for more.

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