You’re 1 word from a perfect retirement

Jim_SamsonDo you ever daydream about the perfect retirement?

You could have your toes in the sand, the sun’s warmth shining down, and a drink in your hand as you listen to the waves crashing over and over…every single day.

Or maybe you’d rather retire to a cabin in the mountains, or to a big flat in a major city rather than the beach. Either way, this kind of retirement is becoming more and more difficult to achieve.

If you’re serious about realizing your retirement dream, I have 1 word for you…

Sometimes the word “loophole” gets a bad reputation for no reason. People like to speak about loopholes as though they’re cheating, unethical, or lazy.

Well, I won’t dispute the cheating or lazy parts—but that’s NOT a bad thing!

Using legitimate loopholes doesn’t mean cheating good people out of their money or anything like that. The only thing that would be cheated with the correct retirement loopholes would be the rat race that’s trying to consume you everyday.

And as far as laziness goes, what’s wrong with being more efficient with your time and other resources to accomplish your goals?

Real loopholes give you the knowledge to do things that the average person can’t. That’s why the average person wants to throw negative monikers at them.

Here’s one of my favorite loopholes: 1 simple secret could give you an annual return of 36% on your money.

It’s been proven over years of back testing, yet the average person will still try to write it off because it’s not common practice. On the other hand, that loophole (included in Scripture Secrets) could earn the right person his or her dream retirement by itself!

So what makes someone right for these kinds of life-changing loopholes?

All you have to do is not be petrified of something because not everyone uses or does it. The right person understands that in order to create true wealth for himself, going against the masses will be required.

So what kind of person are you? Are you ready to chase after the retirement you deserve?

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